No, I didn’t marry my best friend. Here’s why:

“Baby, am I your best friend?” I asked my husband. Although I already knew the answer- I needed to hear it from him. After a burst of laughter he coldly answered: “No.” Well. Likewise! But let’s be honest. We often hear people say: “Marry someone who you could laugh with. Travel with. Have fun with.… Continue reading No, I didn’t marry my best friend. Here’s why:

The 12 differences of the North and South: You thought it, I said it.

Born and raised in New York City, I am well aware of the lifestyle there. Fast. Expensive. Busy. Flashing lights.  A large melting pot with immigrants from all over the world squeezed into a tiny 2 mile wide island called Manhattan. The city has changed rapidly (as it always did historically) since my childhood. I… Continue reading The 12 differences of the North and South: You thought it, I said it.

Eliminate the Death Tax

Ever ask yourself “Why is God asking this from me, when I don’t feel like it?” Or “Why is God expecting this from me when I desire to do otherwise?” It can be anything: He asks us to give- when we might want to hold on. He asks us to Remember the Sabbath- when we… Continue reading Eliminate the Death Tax

Trade is only human

Each individual is unique with different talents, skills and priorities.

Despite the secular goal of: We all can look different, but must all behave and think the same is obscure, unrealistic, oppressive to innovation and even radical.

If you take 5 children who grew up in the same household- you will still get 5 different perspectives of the same event: “We had ice cream every night.” They all will agree. But then the differences set in: “It was the most delicious ice cream I ever had.” Or one might say; “That explains why I am overweight.” Or “I was always last to receive my scoop.”

The person within (no matter the outside physical look of similarity or different features) are different because it’s how the human brain is wired. Many factors can contribute to this: environment, DNA, childhood and human interactions. But it is possible to respond differently to similar circumstances we all experience. From being siblings in the same household all the way to being citizens of the same country.

Men and women are completely different. (In fact, studies show that a man’s brain is more in common with a blue whale than a woman’s brain.)  Suggesting otherwise would not only discredit science, but can be insulting. Who wants to be mistaken as the opposite sex?  Your opinion or wishful feelings  have no place in the facts. You may state your opinion, but that is where it ends.  To pass on your belief as a fact is deceitful.

One of the proofs of human beings  different from one another (and it is a good thing) is through trade.

A trade can happen only when he or she makes an agreement of an exchange for something he or she wants/needs more.

You have something I need. I have something you need. Let’s trade.

No one will give up something to another person of equal or less value. People have different types of needs and this helps explain what each individual values.

One day in high school, I didn’t have a pencil on me during class. My classmate had several pencils on her desk, however I didn’t want to “take” from her or borrow. I wanted to trade. She was a fan of a singer, to which I had a cut up photo of him on my binder. All of a sudden, that photo of the singer did not hold top priority. The pencil did.

“I will trade you this photo for a pencil.” I said to her. She immediately did the exchange with me. Now we are both happy with what is more important to have: My pencil and she now has a photo of someone she admires.

This could only happen between humans:  Agreements, contracts, money, checks, promises and handshakes. This is built on trust. Faith base.

Could you imagine if lions did this?

A lion walks up to another lion:

“Hey, fellow King of the Jungle. I want to exchange your dead antelope for a ride throughout my kingdom tomorrow. How does that sound?”

It sounds ludicrous.

That is because a lion’s desire is equally the same as another lion’s desire. A dog wanting the bone is equally important to another dog and his bone. Animals aren’t different and they are pretty much predictable.

Humans on the other hand, are not so much readable. They also can transform themselves. A person’s beginning start in life doesn’t have to be where he ends up. But a zebra’s life is and will always be the same.

There are many stories of rags to riches. Riches to rags. Fat to fit. Fit to fat. People will surprise you. And while there are people who fall into government statics- this should not overshadow the ancient truth:

The way I am today has nothing to do with what I’ll be tomorrow.


Trade is something only humans can do while using money as its means and this works because we are all different. We all have something to offer which is useful and needed for the next person.  Now what are you waiting for? Go out there and trade!


The ONLY 3 job skills you need… and where you learned it from

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Fear is separation from faith

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Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

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The 3 lies constantly told about the Republican Party

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