Why I need organized religion

We often hear people say in a smugness manner: “I’m not religious! I’m spiritual.” This must be the correct way of saying: “I have faith but don’t subscribe to a particular faith.” What does that exactly mean? Suppose you applied that logic to money: “I have money but I don’t have cash, assets or available… Continue reading Why I need organized religion

Is America more divided today than ever?

I’m hearing this statement thrown around from the press to interacting with others in person. Families, long time friends and even business deals have broken in most recent times in America. But is this the most divided time America has ever experienced? In the 1770s we weren’t all united- some wanted to break away from… Continue reading Is America more divided today than ever?

The City on the Hill: Speech and Religion

The long American tradition of the Salem witch trials has resurface. These witch hunts come in many forms: Being blacklisted from society or even in your family simply for your (non-violent) views. Media censorship. Banned from social media. Persecuted for religious or scientific factors in favor for social justice. We can call this “positive discrimination.”… Continue reading The City on the Hill: Speech and Religion

America’s religious roots

Just in time! On Independence Day- most people would discuss about the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain on July 4th 1776. Or what they will grill today. But I’ve decided to talk more about the religious roots that help jump-start this War of Independence which John Hancock would sign off on what would become… Continue reading America’s religious roots

Fear is separation from faith

  Once a few years ago at a barbecue I had a conversation with a self-proclaimed intellectual atheist. He spoke about man having fear as a good thing. “Fear,” He began as if speaking to a classroom of children. “Is a good thing. It isn’t a learned behavior, but a natural emotion we humans are… Continue reading Fear is separation from faith