Nature is not holy

The worship of nature isn’t a new idea. In fact, it is the same ol’ recycled (no pun intended) ideology used from humans of the past. When did this tree worship begin? Why did man stop celebrating the Creator and pick up their worship for nature? There is a popular kids songs that I overhear.… Continue reading Nature is not holy

Eliminate the Death Tax

Ever ask yourself “Why is God asking this from me, when I don’t feel like it?” Or “Why is God expecting this from me when I desire to do otherwise?” It can be anything: He asks us to give- when we might want to hold on. He asks us to Remember the Sabbath- when we… Continue reading Eliminate the Death Tax

The 7 things God called good (#7 will surprise you)

Let’s dive straight into the 7 things God called good in the book of Genesis: 1- LIGHT Genesis 1:4 2- LAND & SEAS Genesis 1:10 3-VEGETATION Genesis 1:12 4-STARS, SEASONS & THE SUN RISE/SUNSET Genesis 1:18 5-SEA ANIMALS & BIRDS Genesis 1:21 6-LAND ANIMALS Genesis 1:25 7-GOLD Genesis 2:11-12 Gold? According to scripture: A river… Continue reading The 7 things God called good (#7 will surprise you)