The battlefield of the workforce

“You men are just afraid of a strong successful woman.” Says the single independent woman. But in my experience, men aren’t exactly afraid of a strong successful woman. Like earthquakes and food shortages, men tend to avoid them. Being in the workforce tends to bring masculinity. You grow more money, power and respect through your… Continue reading The battlefield of the workforce

How to satisfy the neglected soul

The traditional way of satisfying the soul has gone away. Our culture now embraces other forms of feeding this need: exotic vacations, extreme sports, fancy meal preps, yoga and even working out seems to be in the main stream nowadays. A connection between mind and body. Trying to solve this emptiness of the soul with… Continue reading How to satisfy the neglected soul

Yum! Dominican Protein Cake

I once was asked by a member of my husband’s Indian family: “What is the difference with Dominican cake? Isn’t cake… cake?” I was completely shocked. Is this coming from someone from an Indian background? That is just as silly as me saying “What’s the difference with Chicken Curry? Isn’t Chicken…chicken?” But surely there is… Continue reading Yum! Dominican Protein Cake

The Hulk Detox Drink

My 3 year old son invented the clever title to my detox drink. Once he drank this power drink, he rapidly grew a green mustache. Then, almost immediately he began to display his baby gains as he deepen his eyebrows and flared out his nostrils. My son shouted in rage: “Hulk smash!”  Well.  After his… Continue reading The Hulk Detox Drink