6 tips for tough times

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.

– Corrie ten Bloom

It’s not an epidemic. It’s a pandemic! If you listen or read the news all day, one might go insane. You might assume the news thrives off from misery and could careless for finding solutions or a cure. You’re correct at this assumption.

Then there are people we personally know who seem happy in misery. In good times, they complain. In bad times, it’s the end of the world. No matter how much you try to help these people find peace, you’re reminded about the press. It is appropriate to mention here that you cannot give someone peace or happiness: it is one’s decision to make.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms- to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

– Viktor Frankl

Here I lay out 6 simple tips for individuals who seek ways to obtain peace through troubling times. No matter if its troubling times on a large scale like the one we are all experiencing worldwide due to the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) which originated from China. Or if you have been laid off, turned down from a date or expecting in-laws coming over. There are ways to respond to stressful crises productively and could be applied to all (if not most) situations with great detail.

6. In troubled times, take it day by day

Typically, I would advise working for the future. I tend to think long term. At 5 years old, I thought of marriage, property, and children. Since now I obtained all three, I dream about grandchildren one day… from what I hear are better than children? Currently, I’m in my early 30’s. I write about my goals for my late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Each year works towards my goal. Having order, structure, and goals brings meaning. Even in troubling times.

When facing a rough week or season, instead of thinking long term which can seem frightening at the moment, rewire the brain to get through the day. Do this while going in the right direction of your long term goals. Instead of thinking about the year 2030, or even this year’s Christmas dinner- focus on a healthy meal tonight.

5. Isolate yourself from the hysteria

Turn off the noise. If you must keep updated on what’s going on, read. It’s easier to filter out the propaganda that you see and hear (which reading offers) via words on paper or a screen than watching the seductive television. However, keep it limited. Restrict what you hear and say. This also applies to family members and other people you may have contact with daily. Try to limit your interaction if it offers no benefit other than being polite. Don’t believe for a second that you have mastered “not being influenced” by others. Of course, habits are contagious.

4. Cash is the King, making connections is the General

Now is the time to save. When a person is in troubling times, he may save and invest without any excuse. If he is in troubling times due to a lack of resources, it’s time to find work. Work will always be available to those who want it. Using the COVID-19 season, some industries have been hurt. Others haven’t. Since competition has been reduced, now is a great time to see where workers are needed. Invest your time by saving, becoming an investor or seeking a new skill to develop. Yes, even in a temporarily sluggish workforce. Making connections is much easier in trouble times. For one thing, most people miss having people interaction. Many people have their guard down. Reach out. Most are willing to help. Rejection is less likely during these times since man always has a desire to be heard.

3. Defend yourself: your life is more important to you than it is to the authorities

During tough seasons, the gun control goons are in hibernation. Never put your full trust in someone, especially when it’s your duty and responsibility to do so. In this case, it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your love ones. The state is okay with maintaining order. Spotting potential dangers. But not all the time. Take what happened at Baghdad in the early ’90s. Early signs of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein were ignored. The Western states showed its intelligence had failed even when all the red flags were present.

No matter if you view the authorities as corrupt or as a team of people who (should) do their job and mean well- they’re mortals nonetheless. Mistakes happen. People want to get home regardless of the outcome. You are your first line of defense. You must protect your life. In warfare with OPEC or health warfare against the COVID-19, one must be armed. Criminals never let a tragedy go to waste, it’s technically a great season for them.

Weapons are great for immediate life-threating situations. But your mind is also a powerful weapon that can be used to help curve the stressful times you face. The next point will touch on this.

2. Smile

Where is your customer service smile? Force yourself to be happy. Find ways to smile and laugh. Especially in troubled times. When President Reagan got shot, he told the doctors at the hospital: “I hope you’re all Republicans.” He also cracked another joke to his wife: “Honey, I forgot to duck.” Amazingly, he found humor as a gateway to freedom. It’s no wonder he was highly liked by Americans. It humanizes you. A smile brings optimism and hope. A better tomorrow.

1. Keep yourself well-groomed

Make your bed each morning. Brush your teeth and wash your face. Pray. Eat healthily. Exercise. Take a shower. Every day. Now that’s not a request, it’s an order. Brush your hair. Iron your clothes. Get ready to seize the day. Even if you’re stuck at home. Your body maybe, but if you read books, your mind won’t be. So why dress up? It is a high. A high is part of the language for the religious: To be in the heavens or closer to God. Staying in your pajamas all day or wearing rags brings one down. If you keep your home and yourself clean, you invite virtue. You invite God.