Fashion is spiritual

Oh, it’s just clothing who cares?

Surely you’ve heard about the multi-billion dollar industry called fashion?


If humans are exchanging their labor in order to purchase a warm (fancy?) winter coat, it must be important. People have been purchasing clothing for the weather, recreational purposes, work-related and warfare since the beginning of time. Even before the markets opened and the free exchange was possible: mothers and grandmothers would sew for their family members. But even before grandmothers, there was the Lord.

The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. – Genesis 3:21

If you read back in verse 7, the scriptures state Adam and Eve had already clothed themselves with fig leaves. The Lord didn’t like their style. He made them clothes out of leather and dressed them up.. differently and appropriately.

Getting dress up is a pretty big deal.

What about the emotional roller coaster you experience when: you are overdressed for an event? Underdress? Don’t know what to wear? Watch the Hollywood awards solely for the outfits? Why the anxiety for your wedding dress? Your bridesmaid dresses? Picture day for the children? Date night? Halloween and Christmas sweaters?

There are many more headaches that contribute to fashion, aside from the expense. Why do we cover ourselves?

For starters, many people shouldn’t be allowed to walk out nude due to public safety issues. Ban it. Ban it right now.

We get the obvious explanation on why people should wear clothes: for protection against the environment. Privacy from others.

For a deeper religious meaning: clothing came from shame and guilt. When the Lord made the garments (correctly) He did so to seperate man and woman. He did so by killing an animal (blood is the penalty of sin) and covered the two sinners as a reminder of forgiveness, but having a higher status before God. (You can remember the nakedness drunken shame of Noah.)

But why the difference between clothing in humans? Men and women from all cultures dress differently from each other. Yet, my focus will be on Western Civilization.  (The only civilization in my view.)

Have you noticed the animal kingdom’s fashion?

Naked without any guilt or shame.

What is interesting is, the males, are far superior in the fashion department! Check out that wonderful, handsome lion’s mane. Or how about that flamboyant peacock? You would think that show-off is a female. After all, wouldn’t females flaunt their beautiful outfits? Yes, if we are talking humans. But the male peacock is an attention seeker who would take 1,000 selfies a day if it could.

Animals main purpose is to focus on reproduction and survival. The only reason the male animal is creative in its fashion is simply to compete against the other males. Once it has succeeded, the male animal makes its selection on any female it wants. He chooses when and where.

Which reminds me, where’s the feminist movement for the lioness? #RoarMeToo

Humans aren’t animals for this reason alone.

We are set to a higher standard.

It is the woman who makes the selection on which man she wants to commit with. The man proposes, woman deposes. It is the woman who dresses up, sets apart from other women while every man wears the same brotherhood uniform black suit. Men seem to have formed a special unspoken bond and the proof lays within their identical closets. Some take it a step further like Steve Jobs. Hey, those black turtle necks and dad jeans conserved brain power!

A wise woman:

I knew the day I grew up when I was no longer attracted to young boys who overdressed and top me in the wardrobe area. The confusion was: if a young man wears expensive flashy sneakers that will immediately go out of style, but replaces them to keep up with the trend; he is a go-getter! Ambitious with style! However, through my observation, these same young men will also replace their girlfriends just as quickly to keep up with the trend. He couldn’t hold a job for long either, which makes sense according to his worldview. He carried insecurities, poor money management, low self-esteem and speaks lows of his parents.

The requirements for a young man to enter manhood (before marriage): no weird hairstyles. No colorful flamboyant clothing. No loud jewelry. What did he need? For one, he must have a strong work ethic. The woman who takes notice will be a worthy one.

A smart woman knows that her life partner must be respected by other men.

Let me repeat this.

He must be respected by other men. This is the priority, over him being wanted by other women, he must be liked by other men.

When I accepted this at a young age, I never had a problem filtering out what I sought in the opposite sex. If the man was plain in his appreances, I knew he was closer to the team. He had overcome his wild Mohawks, able to submerge his arrogant individualism and could focus on me. In return, I will give him a warm home to be excited for (a house he labored for with my fanciful touches to bring it to life) children (more life) and make a slight effort on remaining beautiful… although that comes naturally 🙂

Let’s glance back at the clothing.

A man in a uniform is always desired by women. *This also played into the NAZI power during WW2. When the strong conquer NAZIs invaded France, many Frenchwomen willingly left their husbands to marry NAZI soldiers. Some Frenchwomen were executed after the war by the Allies due to this.

What makes a man in uniform so attractive? The reasons being are endless. It shows he earned his position. Unlike with mystery wealth where it can be an inheritance, win or steal- a man in uniform always earned his position. It shows power. Commitment. Money. Other men depend on him.

A man wearing a hat is connected to a religious observance. It covers his head (mind). Mostly every major religion has their men covering their heads. All US Presidents wore hats during their inaurguration. It wasn’t until JFK, the first US President to decide to wear a hat is “old school.”

The fact that we have similar but very different needs is telling in terms of a biblical view. (Even a secularist can tap into this truth for exploitation.)  This is precisely why the secularist have targeted this industry. It is almost as if the secularist says: “if God said to do it, we don’t. If He said don’t do it- we do!”

The Lord created man and woman to desire one another. We aren’t animals. We are touched by the Creator. We have duty and obligations. We have families. We have civilization. And the most effective way to have a meaningful life is if you make an effort to commit to His word.

The Bible is not man’s book about God. The Bible is God’s book about man.

Men dress up as you are needed part of a team. Groom yourself, good speech and remember mannerism.

Women, dress up to show your beauty, uniqueness and the man you selected reflects who you are.

4 thoughts on “Fashion is spiritual

  1. Wow!!! This is such so awesome!!
    If food for the soul ,…you touch so many points and very different aspect .. You are very smart..I am very proud of you.

  2. A lot of good food for thought here.

    Although it is true that a book cannot be judged by its cover, the way people choose to present themselves usually says a lot about how they see themselves and the world. Whether it be with clothes, hairstyle, jewelry or body art, they have a message they wish to convey about themselves. The tricky part is knowing how much of it is genuine and how much is posing. The devil comes as an angel of light and not in his own visage.

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