The only BMW in the parking lot

Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.

—Jodi Picoult

The great joy one experiences when starting new employment is electrifying. Aside from the obvious financial gain, the new hire is aware that he proved himself to be reliable. Trustworthiness. Skills needed- so urgent that someone will pay for his talents.

The optimism is endless for the new hire.

The first day of work couldn’t come quicker. Finally, it had arrived. He is dressed for success with a healthy lunch packed as he drove to work Monday morning.

After he parked his fully loaded brand new BMW that he purchased prior to this new employment, he scanned the workers parking lot. His vehicle is the only luxury vehicle within the lot.

No worries.

Perhaps his new co-workers had other great investments with other fine taste of interest.

To his dismay, he will soon learn that wasn’t the case.


One of his observations as a new employee at this company was the incredible amount of unhappiness from the workers. While he wasn’t greeted with “good morning” – he did hear “I hate Mondays and work.”

The complaints were but not limited too: the hours. The type of work needed to be done. The management. The lack of growth. The stress. The weather.

Unhealthy: both mental and physically

Once the new hire had settled into his cubicle, one of the women workers approached him with a gloom look upon her face. She introduced herself as “Cynthia Ross.” Cynthia Ross is a short, heavyset woman- perhaps within her 40s. Cynthia wore a loose t-shirt, given to her free of cost at a political rally. Her hair was slightly a mess as she took a sip of her XL gas station ice tea drink. She explained to the new hire that she was ‘stood up’ on Saturday for a date with a man from Chicago. Therefore, excuse her lack of enthusiasm for work today.

The new hire went onto meeting more of his peers with similar stories.

During lunch, the new hire remained at the office. He already packed his balanced nutrition lunch, while his co-workers left to get fast food and gossip.


Trying to consider people’s pain is why they react the way they do socially (or behind the scenes). The new hire gave his fellow co-workers another shot. Some people bring their problems to work. Some people feel comfortable sharing their problems with their co-workers, even if they just met. But surely, most people will conduct themselves as a  professional at work when the time is needed? A job, nonetheless, heavily requiring competence because of the level of importance.

What the new hire quickly learned is that most people do not have an “on/off” button. Humans aren’t robots. It is very difficult to separate the professional code of conduct from a relaxed, careless even negative attitude.

The treatment towards the clients (the reason why the company can exist) was appalling.

Could the once optimistic new employee remain optimistic… or at the very least. Remain an employee here?


The hours of day one at the new workplace were passing slowly. To help expedite the time of relief, he began inquiring about their families and homes.

Most were divorced or never married. Most were single parents. Most lived in rentals. Most never seen the world. Most had no savings or investment accounts. Most owned a used vehicle from the early 2000s. Perhaps the scariest for him was to learn: most worked 20+ years and had nothing to show for it.

The new hire knew automatically: he did not want to be a member of this tribe.

Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony.

—Douglas Coupland

One great takeaway this new hire gained through this experience is that happiness comes from within. No one can give it to you, no one can take it from you.

While working at his new job, there was a quiet worker who caught his attention. She kept to herself. Although she fell into a victim of not having great health and not investing her money- she did have a peace on her. She did not gossip. She did not wish ill on anyone. She came into work on time, did her job well and then left in peace.

Was she in a different workplace? Did she get a different amount of money? Was she problem free? Was she born into privilege wealth and married parents? The answer to all is: no. But there was a unique radiance about her.

The job did provide a fundamental truth: you can take two people from the same and current place in life, however, you will have two different outlooks. Two different end results. Two different states of mind.

You do not need to become part of your environment, although it takes great wisdom and strength to separate yourself.

It is okay at times to be the only BMW in the parking lot you’re at. The world needs to see hope and have a motivation. But it is never okay to stay or remain as the only BMW in the parking lot. Keep in mind, you cannot save the world or plan to inspire it through constant speech or low examples. The world respects action without bragging and it will attract the right type of people.

You want to surround yourself with individuals richer, smarter and more moral than yourself. How else can you grow if you don’t know? If you seek a bodybuilder look- get a membership to a gym that has these types there. If you seek to grow wealthy, learn how to communicate, save, invest and connect with all types of people. Most importantly, learn from the rich. If your goal is to have a strong family, study their secrets and stay away from the strip clubs.

Another takeaway from this experience is: although life is hard, it doesn’t have to be! Learn from your mistakes. But what is better, learn from others mistakes. It saves time and money. Many individuals at the company didn’t have what the new hire already had: marriage, a house, biceps, and a BMW.  Which he gain with little labor and much self-control. Just as concerning was the fact most of them lack ambition. They didn’t want to strive for better while complaining about their misfortune they themselves brought.

Without delay, he didn’t want to fall into this mindset. Although he already is aware of the truths in life, the seductive nature of laziness and misery is too tempting.

Never give in.

Your BMW insurance policy is too expensive for that.

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