The good that came from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings?

Let’s be clear: I’m not a fan of corrupt means to achieve the goal. I’m not in favor of sacrificing the innocent for the greater good. Although time consuming and discipline is required, we can have both: honest methods = honest results in America.

However, as a religious person, I do believe God can take a horrible event and turn it into a good. There are countless stories of man’s sins (both done intentionally or at a random misfortune) within scriptures to back up my claim.

The story of Brett Kavanaugh should concern every freedom loving American. The obvious observation is our entire due process in the United States is at stake. As we grow as a young nation, it appears to head towards a police state.

Guilty until proven innocent?

These are scary times as the world watches Americans stand in the crossroads of freedom or tyranny.

What good can come out of this situation? For Brett Kavanaugh? How about yourself? What can you take from this event?

Where was God when Brett (or anyone) is being accused as guilty for a crime to which they haven’t committed? At the very least, no evidence of such a crime? Is this true justice being executed in the most advanced society of human history? Or does it confirm man’s desires will never change, no matter how effectively we discover medical cures or reduce traffic time?

The importance of friendships

While watching Brett’s powerful and emotional opening statement to the committee at Washington D.C., I took great notice on the parts that disrupted his speech.

These parts were very difficult to touch on and brought tears to a judge: His parents. His wife and children. Being an innocent man accused of a crime, publicly humiliated and to be part of the beginning of a broken justice system.

Unnoticed by many, was the important reaction when Brett Kavanaugh spoke of his friends. Brett did cry but smiled as he mentioned them. It was within this terrible event he experiences to realize and see the beauty of his friends. These people have nothing to gain. They have no blood relations. They remained loyal and true.

In troubled times, that is when our character is tested. Brett clearly saw, and I quote “For the first time in my life, how I have the best friends. The most wonderful, amazing people. They stood by me. Love your friends.”

As half of the nation already written Brett guilty due to political views, not due process- he understood his friends, willing gaining nothing were risking their reputations as well. Being called evil hurts when you spent your entire life trying to live honestly. It wouldn’t serve any purpose to call a criminal evil. It might be taken as a compliment.

The importance of friendships came out during this hearing of an accused man seeking a position within the Supreme Court.

People underestimate the importance of having parents. They shrug off the fact that they have been born in America or have the opportunity to be an American- the richest country in the history of mankind. Their friendships are also treated in a similar way.

We are all busy. We sometimes don’t follow up or check in on our friends as we should. More embarrassing, we don’t keep our promises made. We get lazy. Being a good friend helps rid man from these negative contagious traits. It pushes us to honor our verbal contracts. Over time, people will love you for this because love takes a long time to develop.

Brett Kavanaugh has spoken of his friendships of many years. However, it was this particular event that proved to him just how strong his friendships were.

If one good thing came out of this public hearing, it is that we can all value our friendships. Take your relations with people seriously. Thank God you are in contact with another unique person who you both can rely on.

Faith, family, finances and yes- friendships (I would also add firearms..) are difficult to maintain. Requires hard work.

But oh, boy. They each become very handy when needed.



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  1. Very well written,… I do myself value friendship, family because I am myself a woman of God and God speaks about maintaining relationships how important it is having a relationship with God, having a relationship with God it it’s the most important one,and from that you could develop or other types of relationships.. but my prayer goes to him and his family as well.

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