Selling your soul: what it really means


What if you were in need of a plumber? Well, that is simple. You contact one to come over to fix the plumbing issue at your home.

He arrives on time with all the necessary equipment. In addition, he has the beer gut, dirty “white” shirt, 5 o’ clock shadow beard, you know. The whole enchilada.

Finally. You say to yourself. A professional who knows what he is doing and I don’t have to worry.

But before this plumber even step foot into your home, he had a better idea. Still remaining at the door step, he spoke to you about his excellence within his profession by asserting that there is no such thing as plumbing.


The lazy fraud ‘plumber’ repeats himself: There is no such thing as plumbing.

Disregard his outfit. His training. His hands-on learning. His company he represents. It has been declared, there isn’t a such thing as a plumbing system. Therefore, his service of plumbing cannot possibly be executed. However! His service of teaching you this hard truth is a total of $785.45

Could you imagine this same logic is applied to the philosophers? The intellectual?

What exactly is the qualification of being called an intellectual? Is it similar to the Plumber standard? It appears in today’s society, to be an intellectual is to deny any intelligence. People use the prestige and seductive techniques of language to enslave thought.

Then the attempt to rid language altogether- with confusing terms, re-branding and erasing history.

The schools, universities and the culture itself hits a pause button on the child’s mind. Whatever child who manages to reject this before further damage and actually becomes human rather than a zombie puppet, is quickly punished. He is hit even more for developing any type of productive skill needed to keep the world moving. How dare he?!

It does require a exceptional mind to avoid the carefully constructed plan of brain washing from our society. The destroying of man’s mind, his ability, integrity and religion has been accumulated over history to present.

Once an individual is aware of the damage that is being done to him (and ultimately to society as a whole) he must make a decision.

A. Should he part take in this destruction of man’s ability? Sure it will hurt innovation and may agonize his fellow species. But its for the common good… eventually?

B. Should he just continue on the fight? Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep seeking. Keep working.

C. Should he feel guilty of his talent? Of his skills? Of his ability to take risk? Of his sacrifice? Of his success? Therefore, he will eventually surrender, retreat and never contribute to the world. While he doesn’t directly support the “noble” cause of destruction- he is exhausted, overwhelmed and discouraged.

Route B takes bravery. Let’s face it, our culture is lacking courage. NEXT.

Route C is common but less heard of. The guilt factor has two premises. The person suffering from guilt of their success: wealth, living in America or having married parents. (Some foolish individuals believe a certain skin color is greater. When the only privilege is the 3 things I mentioned. Money, America and parents. Talk about jackpot.) These people become a shamed of their privilege. But then something interesting happens: they begin to feel superior because of their advantage. It’s an unhealthy worldview.

The common natural route is A.

Many “awaken” individuals (people who understand they are being lied to for a deconstruction of the Western world) take part of the destruction of man’s ability in one form or another. Their reasons also vary.

Some believe they are doing a noble cause. Some are lazy. Others just lack creativity and are envious. Many believe they will be the intelligent Shepherd for the sheep- this will guarantee their richness.

Whoever makes this decision is a complete sell-out. The common phrase is “selling your soul to the devil.”

They sell their talents, gifts, values or creation for the goal of total control.

This has a better effect on the masses when the sell-out comes from the bottom. (Obama?)

He appears to be brilliant- and perhaps he is because of his hungry creativity. (Obama’s gift/curse would be his childhood, marriage, speech and his smile.) However, he preaches the total opposite of what got him to success. People will lend ears when he speaks because ‘he is one of them.’

Truth be told, he really wasn’t one of them from the start.

Earlier I mentioned, it takes a exceptional mind to avoid the seductive lies from society. He already proved he didn’t fully listen to the idea of no ideas.

Now placed in a spot where he must decide: further that lie or tell the truth.

Most would sell out.

Cowardice, intimidation, money or fame. Maybe living a meaningless life is more pleasurable than the alternative to responsibility, high demands and expectations of the virtuous one.

As the guilt sets in as he ages, he tells himself he is on a moral mission. He becomes more crafty and creative on why he chose to live out his life this way. He needs to continue this lie because the means doesn’t matter. The end result will be great! In fact, people should thank him.

Reason and ability is impotent.

The only reason he “stumbled” on it is because… he was lucky! Sort of like hitting the lotto or being a NBA star- it cannot be argued. Therefore, he was randomly chosen and requires the use of private jets while you ride a smelly dirty city bus…. with no thought of ever hoping to ride a private jet.

The truth is, being human is rational. The ability to think is possible for anyone. (So is starting a business or having a family.)

The ones who did think but chose to abolish it for the greater good- is a deadly one. To treat the abnormal as normal. To declare the weak as being strong while actually punishing the strong by taxes or exile. By saying pity for criminal is holy and justice is injustice. That there is no need for standards, expectations, citizenship, mannerism or family. When an individual accepts sweet lies as truth and curses at the hard truth- it slowly creeps into our way of life and becomes the new definition of good.

But to those who did manage to think for themselves and chose bravery…. they need to be heard. Silence is speech but getting to work is most effective.


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  1. Amazing Krystle!!! There is a white guilt with arrogance… I also hear black power and supposedly they are the real Israelites! Enough with this, you’re not as special as you think! Lol!!

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