8 harsh truths you secretly want to hear

Brace yourself.

Some of these universal timeless truths are going to be painful for you to read. However, the faster you recognize them- the faster you can improve your life.

If one pops up that you can relate, please leave a comment below!

Here are the 8 harsh truths you secretly admit to:

8. There is enough time in a day

Let’s face it.

We can give a bunch of excuses reasons on why we aren’t hitting the gym. The biggest one to excuse our absence from the cardio room is: “Oh, I would go. If I had more time.”

Truth be told, you do have time. It’s just not a priority for you.

Use this common truth for understanding relationships as well. Have you ever heard a friend tell you: “I was too busy to get back to you.” Or “You aren’t hearing back from him because he is too busy.”


You’re not hearing back from this person because they don’t care about you. (Or at least in that moment.) You’re just not a prime concern to them. If the President of the United States could meet with George Clooney (this would be Obama) or Kim Kardashian (this would be Trump) – then anyone has time to return a text message.

You can tell what is really important to a person by what he spends his time on doing. Even if he decides to spend his time on doing nothing.

7. You’re not curvy, you’re fat

This is yet another hurtful truth.

Please don’t sugar coat your fat. (No pun intended.) Not only is it not attractive, it’s actually dangerous to your health. However, it doesn’t stop at your weight.

Many people today are buying into the idea of opposite: what was considered good in the 1950s is bad today.

There are some things in life that will always remain good or bad. Some examples might be: business. The family unit. Religion. A nation’s border. A nation’s military. Education. Healthcare. Many of these once acceptable ways of life, has now become controversial.

The reason?

Some people promote it just to be politically correct. In other words, they lie in order to not offend people. (This would be the whole fat girl is curvy lie.)

Others are just outright hateful. They truly understand the damage this causes. (This would be the whole fat girl is really suffering from obesity and diabetes, and will die faster without finding true love if… I tell her she is curvy. Sucker born every minute!)

The solution to this problem is: honesty.

Yes, it really is that simple.

There was once a conservative teacher who found out in the recent past about many black Americans being illiterate. He was attacked for his study. He was called a racist and then he quickly removed his research.


Many black people DID hear him. Even though the truth hurts, they began to read. Sure enough, the illiteracy rate dropped.

When wanting to “speak the truth” to a person you care about without coming off as “rude, heartless or racist” – try to express the truth in a pleasant way. Many times it’s not what you say, it’s how you said it.

But what if you want to inquire the truth about yourself? If you find yourself surrounded by too many politically correct people, simply make enemies.

They are quick to tell you the painful truth.

6. People will always dislike you

Even if you’re the most kind. Most pleasant. Most humorous. Most loving person in the world. People will STILL dislike you. Unfortunately, even if you haven’t done anything to them directly to cause this ill feeling.

What is worst, some might even follow you on social media. Ask about you to other people and pretend to like you… all while hating you.

You can’t read people’s minds. But you can read their actions and their body language. This will make it clear they dislike you. It hurts if it comes from a person you actually liked or a family member.

Understand at this point: there isn’t anything you can do to satisfy this hateful person. If you’re truly honest with yourself about having a clear record with this person and they STILL dislike you– move on.

Your time is NOT to be wasted. (You see? Now you just made time for a cardio session!)

People are envious. They are miserable and fallen short. Perhaps they enjoy hanging out with losers to make themselves feel better about… themselves. Perhaps you remind them of their failures. Perhaps your lifestyle makes them uncomfortable- even when you’re sure it isn’t a hurtful one. There shouldn’t be any room for these types of people in your life. Keep them at bay.

The only good that can come out of this situation is knowing that you ARE a better person than you were yesterday. Greatest always reveals the enviousness from people. It truly tests people’s character on both sides: the ones who under achieved and the ones who achieved.

5. A good marriage is pleasurable but it is hard work

Notice in a love story, it usually begins on how the lovers first meet. Never does the characters get introduced by a 7 year boring marriage and fighting. No way! Or even on social media. Everything is all happy, lovely and butterflies.

Well, at least that is what they are misleading about. People actually buy into this “happily ever after” non-sense? Their vows were clear: For better or for worse. Not: For better Instagram pics or divorce!”

Marriage is designed to be a wonderful, authentic institution. The more beautiful something is, the more natural, more simple, more humble and the more work goes on behind the scenes. That is what people fail to realize.

Being single is not at all cracked up as it appears to be. Even if not mentioning unplanned pregnancies and/or STDs.

Telling women to be promiscuous is liberating and marriage to a man is ‘oppressive’ is not only a politically correct statement- it is truly a deadly.

If you want to talk about both the body and effects it does to a woman’s soul, THIS recent study shows how women KEEP the DNA from every men they had sex with in their brains. (It’s no wonder the progressive liberal feminist women are so… angry.)

What about the men? Well that goes in two folds:

“It’s okay to marry a stripper” lie. Or “The more women a man sleeps with, the more of a man he is.”

Give me a break.

A man’s sexual choice is the result of his fundamental convictions. Show me the woman he sleeps with, and I know his entire life’s philosophy. A man who conquers the highest valuable woman is of true worth. Therefore, men. Please stop spreading your seed. Put a high price on it. Conserve it for your heroine wife. She will give you honor and a great sense of achievement.

Read the Book of Proverbs in the Bible.

All good things must be worked on, invest and have faith- and that includes a marriage with one person. We secretly are aware of this, but also recognize it is perhaps one of the hardest thing to do. Which means it is perhaps, the best thing to do….

4. Life is unfair. Life is hard. 

Life surely doesn’t owe you anything. Just because you were born with good-looks, a high IQ, lean built, shiny teeth, wonderful smile and long flowing hair (wow- I just describe myself) doesn’t mean anyone owes you anything! (Again, I talk from experience.)

As a young petite woman, people are generally kind to me. However, if I get too comfortable- I am reminded that no one has to be kind to me. Therefore, I take every kind mannerism in a thankful attitude.

Things will not be put out for you on a silver platter either.

It also suggests that we all come from different starting points in life. Some may be born into poverty while others are born into privileged wealth. The unique thing in America is that: it doesn’t have to remain so!

If you’re rich and made lousy choices in life, you will end up broke. Broke with money or a broken heart.

If you’re poor but are making wise decisions, not feeling self-pity and actually working to leave poverty: you can become rich!

Values play an important factor as well. Have you ever witness a rich person without any class? Take the Kennedy family. They are beyond trashy people, but certainly are rich. This huge flaw is a big sign that they will not remain rich. Many in that family have already lost their wealth, status and respect.

This all varies from each individual and solely depends on YOU. Some may have a head start, but they might rest leaving the more creative mind to succeed.

3. Having money is freedom

This shouldn’t be considered a secret, but it’s almost controversial in today’s society.

How did someone like Bernie Sanders persuade 40% of the Democrat Party of America to vote for him? He is a person who honeymooned in Moscow and calls President Trump a “Putin puppet.” He is someone who had his first job at 40 years old, collected welfare and his hippie wife bankrupt a college in Vermont. When younger, Sanders written an essay about “women enjoy being rape”- then he becomes the ring leader in the woman’s march? Most famously, he campaigned on “Free College.” When he gave an interview prior to his announcement to run for the presidency, on if we tax Americans to provide for free college, it will most certainly bankrupt the nation. He campaigned on attacking Wall Street from Main Street while Wall Street funds both Main Street and him! He was also big on universal healthcare- a way of forcing someone to give service for someone else at gun point? This is completely outrageous, suicidal and not to mention, it’s un-American. Even the head of the DNC thought of Bernie as too extreme, so they gave the nomination to Crooked H.

It’s Germany 1939. (Without the patriotism and military leadership.)

However, he never did mention about earning money. Just used vague and seductive language to gain support. In reality he was asking for straight up slavery. Everyone being in total dependency and under the control of Washington DC.

If everyone has a right to earn as much or as little as he likes- its harder to control him.

To offer “free” healthcare, college, shelter and food will not just bring low quality of the service, it will guarantee a slave mind-set, kill innovation and bring on the stone-age.

Simply put: anyone with a few bucks in their pocket are more free than those who don’t have a few bucks. Be careful when you hear someone state they hate money.

2. You can always learn something new

Remember the saying: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Well, actually you can.

There has been many people to learn and develop a new skill in their later part in life. True, it is much more easier for humans to pick things up when we are young due to our rapid rubber-ish youthful brains. However, just because you are 60 years old- doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a violin and learn how to play it.

This saying should be mostly applied to people’s character which eventually is linked to their ability. If a person has always struggled with stubbornness, it will be difficult to convince him otherwise. But if this stubborn person at 60 years old wants to pick up a new hobby and master it- he can. (Keep in mind it is agreed it takes about 8-10 years to master something. So get to it!)

You set your own limitations.

1. It takes money to make money- money comes in many forms

Calling all cheap-os!

Have you ever heard a person say: “If I had $10,000 THEN I’ll start my business.” Or “If I only had an investor. Or even a father.” What about… “If I had money for a personal trainer, THEN I’ll start working out.” Or even within love: “If this girl didn’t break my heart, THEN I wouldn’t break other girls hearts.”

These are the common procrastinators excuses.

Of course, one has to do something in order for something else to happen. One has to start with the first step.

If your goal is to lose weight, start small. The money, the trainer and the beach bod (which you don’t need) will eventually come.

If your goal is to start a business, take baby steps. Purchase the required license. Get your business registered from your state. Start from home before expanding to brick and mortar. Try to create your product or service in the meantime. Develop a website. Why rush to be a CEO of a brilliant large private company without going through all the necessary start up stages?

The world respects what is earned, and less of what is given.

For some, people just want instant results. For others, they enjoy complaining and being lazy.

Well, what if you don’t actually have spare change? You actually can’t even afford to live paycheck to paycheck? No problem!

Everything that is great started with little to no money at times. However, it still had a price. If you declare yourself too poor but creative- THAT is actually more valuable: to have a creative mind. But it is selfish not to use it. If you can deliver your labor or time, it will be considered a form of payment. Your skills is the needed currency.

Then you will get paid eventually, via US dollar IF you are great.

Right now you may not have anything but time to offer. That will do. Start developing a skill.

Like the God of the Bible, He was able to take dust from the ground and literally create the best thing in the universe: A man.

According to God Himself, Man- not the stars and oceans, is His BEST and Favorite creation. He didn’t need a bank. He needed love and creativity.

Keep in mind we were created in His image.

If lack of money prevents you from achieving , then maybe you actually don’t want to achieve. What you may have is lack of ambition. The most greatest men down in history generally came from a lower to middle class background. In fact, many from the upper class are lazy and therefore lack creativity. (But they just LOVE the products of the creative mind!) Since when did you last hear of a son of a billionaire created something brand new humanity wanted/needed? Some of the most brilliant men were even illegitimate children or orphans. Yet they made the time and put up the money they needed to succeed onto the next level.

Here is a story I’ll share about a pair of basketball sneakers my daughter wanted:

“Mommy. I’m really interested in basketball now. It’s like every player at the court has cool sneakers expect for me.”

“That is because,” I explained. “You’re not a basketball player.” The basketball prop remained under her arm to help give imagery to her cause.

“Yet.” She added. “I’m not a basketball player yet. But I will prove that I am.”

“Oh. How so?”

“I will practice everyday. Anytime you take me, I will play. I will talk with coaches. I will try out to get onto teams. I will constantly have basketball on my mind.” She moved the basketball from underneath her arm and pretend to shoot it in the air.

“Alright. When I see this in action, I will consider it.”

8 months later my daughter made it onto a basketball team… and received her first pair of (expensive) basketball sneakers.

She has been playing ever since.





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