The leftist has always been for war

“Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.”

“If you want peace, prepare for war.” – Roman General Vegetius

One of the greatest achievements of the Trump presidency is exposing the Democrat Party’s true inner being. The charade is up. Their violence, hatred and anti-American ways are no longer a secret or a “conspiracy.” No, the president didn’t “make them violent.” (I could make the same argument with a domestic violence case.) They were always violent.

The leftist true core value is power, money and control. This means they are very pro-gun. Very pro-nuclear weapons. The common misunderstanding is a certain who is allowed to have weapons. Who is allowed to have money. Who is allowed to have freedoms. The leftist cherry-picks while misleading their base about their utopian equality goal. However, a true observer can easily spot the leftist contradicting lifestyle from their eloquent speeches that don’t have any real meaning behind it.

Below I will reveal who is appropriate for such great responsibility of gun ownership and available funds to use whenever he/she sees fit.

There is a huge disagreement among the left wing of America today. While true, they may have the same goal in mind and appear united front- they differ with their approach to obtain their goal.

Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Progressive or whatever they identify as, are all united with the worldwide goal of tyranny. They just oppose the means.

Some prefer the slow and steady approach of manipulation with a dash of deadly policies that will eventually lead to their goal. Other leftists lack patience and seek upfront, bold and straight-forward violence. (I prefer this method because we can easily out do the enemy.)

Tyrants like Obama and the Prime minister of Canada are more soft in their approach. Underachievers with a failed opinion of weather yet self-claim are brilliant. These rejects from high school believe they know what’s best for the taxpayer peasant. The Fat Cats. Why would the men who creates the motor of the world to actually run, surrender to these frauds?

Then you have tyrants like Hitler, Castro and Hillary Clinton who are more aggressive, violent…. and STILL arrogant. (A common core trait of the leftist.) If they don’t directly lead the rebellious movement, they certainly fund or turn a blind eye to it.

However, on the surface, the leftist claim to be for world peace. We can at least say, for the moment, they are all becoming rather lazy and sticking to the “Fat Cat” method. But after the victory of President Trump’s win in 2016, they realize that their grip has slipped. Has their goal been defeated? Or, is their goal of mass power has only been postponed?

Back in the 1960s a massive anti-war protest was being held in the United States. A march against the Vietnam War.  However, a march against the war itself wasn’t the real reason why young adults were marching the streets.

Let’s review the true reason on why the anti-war protest had happened. Let’s be honest, shall we?

It was a coward’s protest.

That is right.

It was a march against the draft- NOT the war in itself. I’ve based this conclusion on what happen after the US government buckled: The draft stop. Then the protestors went home, smoked weed while the war continued. (The United States lost that war. This is also the beginning of fighting wars not to win, but to intimidate without any gain.)

Another interesting insight is the reaction I hear from men who did not serve in the military. Honestly, I haven’t met a man who regretted not enlisting in the greatest army in the world. Some handled their regret better than others, which I will explain:

Once a college professor shared with my class how he was one of the 1960s anti-war protestors. He had a sad tone to his recollection, then quickly rose with anger. He started bashing the US Army, who were “fighting for banks and dying for dumb policy.” Yet, again he backtracked: “I could run a army if I wanted too. A general, leading my troops into battle- how glorious. Yes, I could have done that!” Right- because you read a war book and now you’re an expert on warfare? Well then, so am I!

This is a guilt talk, a vent from an old college professor with deep regrets and no one cared. In addition, he decides to take the route of attacking the integrity of the military instead of showing a respect. Revealing his on-going misery and regrets. Yet, again no one cared. I’ve heard many similar responses ranging from older to younger men about their deep regret of not enlisting.

Alright, the 60s might give evidence to the liberal’s cowardice. But how does a party who seeks gun control, no nukes in the world with claims they want no war- actually be committed to worldwide violence? Is that an extreme claim?

Rule 1- Watch what they do, hear less of what they say. And if you are interested on what they truly say- read between the lines and review their political/professional resume.

In the 90s an article by the New York Times reveals that the peace loving hippies, Bill and Hillary Clinton, actually help fund North Korea’s Nuclear program.


How about in current news: North Korea intends to surrender their Nukes because of President Trump. Did you notice how painfully silent the main stream media has been with this wonderful news? The President has no choice but to BE his own press via Twitter. There is no fair, honest coverage. The media’s silence with this revelation is almost as if they are upset at the dictator of North Korea for considering to surrendering their nukes. According to the main stream news, the possible denuclearizing of North Korea is not a great idea for that country and maybe NK should be allowed to keep their nukes. After all, the US and President Trump are bullies! But for the intellect moral crowd, here are a few reasons:

1. Guaranteeing security of the state

2. Economic development and prosperity

3. Gaining respect and prestige in the international arena

These are lovely reasons any intellect would agree with? The article of these “world peace” efforts of NK keeping their nukes could be read HERE

The American press appears to want a strong North Korea while weakening America.  Here is one article suggesting to NK how they can hide their nukes from the President of the United States!

Which is it leftist? Do you want nukes or not? Do you want guns (when you ignore gun murders in inner cities under gun control policy) or want the Second Amendment abolished?

Do you notice a connection here? It’s come into view, the leftist seeks to weaken the good guy and empower the bad guy.

Here is the thing: the leftist supports America getting rid of their nukes, only for America can get bullied and kicked around by the Communist world. Then on a smaller local scale, the leftist wants to disarm the law-abiding American citizen… only to remain defenseless against an armed criminal.

The type of person or country (according to the leftist) who is responsible for gun ownership, is a criminal one.

Even without going back centuries we can see from our life time, tyrants of any century want the same thing: Power, money and control. Lately, they have become more sinister with their methods of trickery and pretending their violence is for the “common good” or it was “provoked.” (Typically, the two most common reasons for their conduct.)

The leftist isn’t satisfied with a complete assault. It must be handed to them. A surrender always taste better than a outright snatch. It brings humiliation to your enemy while elevating you.

What is appropriate to mention however, is the unique ability of the American left wing to execute this savagely act: unlike your local burglar, who doesn’t seek your permission, approval or you to sanctify his act. He knows he is wrong, yet does it anyway. The American leftist believe this is moral and it is their duty to “save” us.

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  1. I remember feeling a bit regretful for not enlisting in the military when I had the chance. But I’ll never disrespect the military. I support them. I know in Israel it’s required and their citizens are very patriotic. Coincidence?

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