7 ways to obtain the Fountain of Youth… without socialism


Readers caution: Most of you are aware. I speak a foreign language. It’s called: The truth. The things you will inquire below will indeed make you uncomfortable. Some things will be refreshing. Some things might sound otherworldly and far-fetch. I speak out of experience and through heavy observation of studying others.





Most people are amazed with the fact that I am a wife and mother of three children. If they haven’t met my children, they would never believe me. Surely, not ages 12, 8 and 6.

Recently, a mother had mistaken me as a member of my daughter’s band. This would rightfully offend the common person. Especially when the person who assumed I am in Middle School, decides to further insult me with small jabs while only displaying their insecurities. (Small jab: “Wow, so did you have her IN Middle School?” I would reply, “No, actually it was right after High School and before College.) 

These morbidly obese with a low sex drive women are easily exposing to me their self doubt. Their underground insults do no other thing.

I’ve successfully mastered the art of “knowing who I am, being grateful and focusing on my life.”

To those who want to learn my secret on how I manage to look and stay young (while spending almost NOTHING on my looks) then continue on.

1. Genetics

Let’s get this one out of the way since it’s unattainable.

You have to work with what you have. My father’s side of the family look and act incredibly young. Not surprisingly, most of them follow each of these points I share. Yes, I have an advantage. But if you “age” badly due to genetics, all is not lost! (Ex: early balding.) Do not surrender and carry on. Confidence, not arrogance, will always increases your attractiveness.

So let’s begin.

2. Diet and exercise

This is very important in order to quench your thirst .

Oh, you assumed this is a “if you like your cake, you can eat your cake” type of thing? No, I’m not selling Obamacare.

You want the clear water from the fountain of youth? You should start drinking more of the Poland Spring for starters. Literally.

There are tons of logically reasons why you should eat healthy and exercise regularly. But let’s be vain for a moment, shall we?

To look good, one must eat good. You are what you eat. That is the motto.

3. No booze, smoking or partying

While I’m not a Mormon, have you notice how attractive (and wealthy) the Mormons are? They practice this tip religiously. So do I. (Mitt Romney, you’re still a sell-out!)

Instead of living a wasted lifestyle that can be toxic to both the body and soul, replace this lifestyle with other activities. Remember: If it’s not good for your body, it is not good for your soul.

People ask me what do I do if I don’t party? It’s call parenthood. Work. Gym. Books. Shopping. Museums. City walks. Church.

Also I recommend to limit your time on social media. That could lead to stress and depression. Develop face to face relations with meaningful conversations. Take time away from your phone (never be on it while sharing time with other people in person) to focus on a new journey. Help and serve others without expecting something in return.  Get religious. Start a new book series. All these had help me keep peace in my mind while enhance my beauty with a glow of God in this ugly wicked world.

4. No working 40+ hours a week for ladies, men work your butt off


Recently, I’ve conducted a study on the world’s most happiest people. It revealed: a high population of good-looking women with happy men. The secret? A work force of less than 4% full time working women! Now that is paradise!

Yes, I get it. “Ms. Independent.” But why is Ms. Independent always so angry? Over weight? Struggling? On some form of anti-depressants? Why has feminism dramatically increased the number of suicides, divorce and homelessness of women? These are all honest questions. It is not intended to “judge” or “anger” anyone. Will anyone give a logically answer? Until then, you can’t convince me to wear an armor and march to the front line of the battlefield called: work force. I want to see these “happy, sexy, fit, feminine and married 25 years+ ” women in the real work force, not the Hollywood fake news ones. But they tend to get ugly like Hillary Clinton.

Another point I will briefly make is the connection with unemployed men and crime. Full time working women and absent mothers. Both seem to go hand in hand.

Have you ever taken a drive through the Bronx? Or how about South side Chicago? Those environments are filled with poverty, crime and litter. It also happens to have incredibly high unemployment with the men, while the women go off to slave at their jobs.

Now take a drive to your nearest suburb neighborhood. The men are working full time. The women are either: homemakers, volunteers, part time or full time- just to keep busy. Not necessary because they absolutely need to work.

A woman’s presence is strongly needed in the community. A man is strongly needed to provide for this community.

My view is simple: options. If a woman prefers to work, she should. If she prefers to be at home, she should. Women in America have the option. Men don’t- no where on earth does a country cater to that particular market. Let’s keep it like that.

Men: focus on money and power. Do you see how great our president looks? He is officially the oldest president we had. Yet, he is the most bold, carefree, rich and looks great for his age- president ever. Other presidents left the White House younger and visibly looking older.

5. No bed-hopping: I’ve been with my husband since I was 19 years old

Sex? Yes please!

But with one partner.

Sleeping with no strings attach is such a lie. We aren’t animals. Of course there are feelings, possible diseases, ruined reputations, guilt and unwanted pregnancies involved. Duh! Is it any surprise how having many sex partners may damage you not just physically but mentally? It completely makes women bitter and feeling unloved the more partners she has. Men will continue to believe they are useless/failures in life by having empty meaningless sex-with the acknowledgment of not having the status of a husband.

Men might have a better way of handling this “emotionless guilt-free sex” but women are certainly not. Women might have a better understanding of her place in the world (the help of her body tells her) but men certainly not.

Married people not only have more sex than singles- but they have better sex. Like everything in life that is moral, it’s consider rude to even mention it. I’ll give you an example:

One day at church, the pastor (who usually makes bold statements), shared something that made the church uncomfortable. He said: “You know, married people are better than single people. We are.”

The church went silent. Not one person smiled or laughed. It was a thing that should not have been said. But, society constantly discourages marriage. Surely this is the time for ‘payback?’ Nope. Greatness (marriage) doesn’t boast, mock or put others down. Not only do you risk your possible misery of loneliness, but you show insecurity when doing so.

The pastor continued… “married people are better because singles want to get married. Married people already know the deal!” He shakes his head. “It’s hard work!” Now everyone laughed.

Sleeping with many people is something I lack experience in. However, I have committed to one man and still look very young. Other more progressive women with a long track record of “Johns”- appear like they seen combat at the Eastern Front WW2.

Circulation makes the price go down. Committing to one person brings elevation.

6. Beauty rest

Early bed times and cat naps during the day.

My husband surprised me for lunch one day when he showed up to our house. Only, he was surprise to find me in bed at 1 PM.

The bedroom door flew open.

Awoken suddenly, I squinted at the bodybuilder’s silhouette with the bright light behind him. “What are you doing?” He demanded to know. I could asked the same question.

Poking my head from the cozy warm blanket with messy hair, I replied quietly “My beauty rest has been interrupted for what purpose?”

These naps don’t need to be long. Just a re-charge. 20 minutes of mid afternoon rest does wonders. It is also something to look forward to after your lunch.


7. Sense of humor

Aside from the health benefits laughter can offer, but it can uplift your soul to the point of radiation. You become more beautiful.

Recently, I had a private dinner with my political party. While posing for photos, a man shouted at me: “You’re too beautiful not to smile. Smile for me darling!” I burst out laughing.

Not only does a smile (and laugh) brings warmth but it is very inviting. It is also contagious!

Surround yourself with funny, upbeat and optimistic people. Children are the best in that field. They don’t pay taxes!

Enjoy your children. If you don’t have any, enjoy your nieces and nephews. Little cousins. Investing in yourself is very important, for the world can get a handsome return.

One way of investment is bonding with others.

Who knows? You might just enjoy a good laugh.


3 thoughts on “7 ways to obtain the Fountain of Youth… without socialism

  1. I stopped reading after “no booze”. My doctor told me “the best thing for you is to give up drinking, partying and carrying on with women.” I said ” Doc, I don’t deserve the best. What’s next best?”
    Seriously, thanks for the reminder. Good blueprint.

    1. Ha! It is a challenge especially the older you are. I never was a “party animal” from the start. Growing up, I found enjoyment through Goosebumps books and backstreet boys. Such a cornball! :p Did you get a chance to read my latest post? About the world’s most evil man?

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