Toxic masculinity is an oxymoron

Masculinity isn’t toxic and toxic isn’t masculinity.


When author Ayn Rand first came to the United States of America from Russia, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She had once experienced a comfortable life prior to the up-rise of the  Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin. She was 12 years old during the Russian Revolution. The Bolsheviks now confiscated her father’s small business, causing her family to flee to the Crimean Peninsula in hopes for life.

Now the young Russian woman who stood in New York City for a plane transfer to Chicago, began to wept. This is what she called “tears of splendor.” She had already great experienced what bad men are like at the Soviet Union. The only good man she had witnessed was her father.

Until now.

The skyline of Manhattan brought tears of joy to her eyes.

Finally. The good men.

If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts. – Camille Paglia

The #MeToo movement. The switch to ‘guilty until proven innocent- even when found innocent your life is still destroyed’ culture the West is adapting, is a dangerous one.

The term “Toxic Masculinity” always disturbs me.

Masculinity is not to be confused with thuggish behavior. No matter what class, color or religion this behavior comes from. If it comes from a conning politician or a secretive Hollywood producer or a out-spoken Rapper. This behavior does not represent the virtue of masculinity and surely doesn’t represent all men.

Just like not all men are builders, some are destroyers. What motivates the builders? Women and money. The destroyers? Women and money!

Are you ready to enter the real world? Leave the real toxic of the utopian lies and enter the fresh air of realness?  A thirst for knowledge? Or rather continue as a social justice solider and  march to the Fake News drum beat? Let’s take a glimpse of how things really work, instead of ‘hoping and wishing’ how things should work.

Two nights ago, I was reading the scriptures to my children. I quickly read a verse to myself first, in order to better question my children on what they thought the Lord would say next. My two younger children knew exactly what the Lord would say. But my oldest child hesitated. While she said she agreed with her siblings, she felt the world shouldn’t respond that way.

The question was: If a man commits a sin, without knowing he has sinned- is he still held accountable?

Like I mentioned earlier, my two younger ones instantly said the man is still guilty. When I asked my oldest child why isn’t the man guilty- even though she knew he should be guilty? She replied “Because it isn’t fair. He is innocent even if a crime has been committed. I say, he is a victim.”

My son immediately responded “Well, it isn’t fair that I didn’t know milk makes me go poo-poo. But I still had to go poo-poo!!” (Thank you for that illustration, my son.)

My daughter brings an interesting point, until I asked her what if she was the victim from this man’s negligence? Or his ignorance? Would she not seek justice? Would she not want this man to learn from his mistakes to help prevent future ones? He may have not known or he may have ‘good intentions’ – however, it came with a terrible price and caused pain to his neighbors.

Now she understood.

The idea that men are toxic by nature and the more masculine a man is- the more awful he is, is complete lies. That is not how the world works, even if you feel the world should be more feminine.

To suggest men should abandon their manhood and ‘get in touch with his feminine side’, is hurtful to women and children. And what is hurtful to women and children- will be hurtful to society.

Just examine the Indian tribes who did this: the women labored and worked hard while the men stood with children. Afterwards, the men would gather in all male groups and leave their working, angry women to go invade and rape other women from nearby tribes. War was high, children without fathers and open-season on the women left without male protection. These cultures are extinct for this reason (one of them) and not because of the ‘evil white man.’ The Indians were great fighters and knew the land very well- but they didn’t understand woman and man relations.

Like everything that is noble: it must be taught, bold, practiced and developed. Think of a muscle. To get the muscle mass, you must train it everyday. Eat a healthy diet. Keep focus on your goal of mass muscle- even without no instant results. So much time, energy and faith must go into this project of muscle gain. No one says, ‘to develop fat takes work! You must lay on the sofa all day and eat chips!’ It is utter nonsense! That comes naturally and instantly. But to be good, to be noble… to have masculinity is a long process.

Beating a woman or stealing a car doesn’t take much effort as to marrying and protecting a woman while building a car.

To produce masculinity in a young boy is already difficult, but let’s not make his life more miserable by telling him he is evil simply because he has the potential of destroying cities? (Or building cities. Depending on what your perspective sees as evil.) It’s appropriate to mention there are many ways to do this. More recently, it has been a more direct approach attacks on the young boys. However, it could also be done more subtle. Growing up I noticed, all the women wanted boys but raised them as girls. Strange. This is one third world country policy that is destroying American men.

A young girl already knows who she is faster because the help of her body. Have you ever met a 45 year old boy? I have! What about a 45 year old girl? Maybe, but differently. If you put aside her emotional outburst, she will still manage be responsible and take care of business. A 45 year old boy does not.

These males whom eventually became thugs or wimps, envy those males who have obtain their masculinity. It is as though it came to them effortlessly, but understood knowledge that luck did not play a role in it.

Again- you cannot blame biology for character traits, which is something spiritual. Has anyone ever said about their female boss or co-worker “Toxic femininity?” No! Even if she is rude, unprofessional or even ‘verbal sexual assault’ –  her failures are not based on sex but her character.

This is what it is truly about.

Masculinity qualities: Strength. Honor. Bravery. Loyalty. Integrity. Bold. Courage. Aggressive. Power. Intelligence. Wealth. Performance. Fight with honor. Patriotism. Reputation. Sacrifice.

Thug qualities: In brief, these males prey over the weak for money, sex and power. They use theft, trickery, manipulation, deceitful and other wicked means to achieve their goal. Nothing is for honor. Rather, more to satisfy the need of quick pleasure and selfishness. They could never service or persuade the opposite sex through respect and honor.

The “Toxic Masculinity” awareness movement is not about private parts. It’s not about protecting the ‘weak.’ For if it was, it will encourage the good men to step up. It would promote healthy relations. They would call on the help for the fathers and police- instead they are labelled evil as well!  What this is truly about, is the spiritual parts it can offer if developed properly. Now that is threatening to the feminist, thugs and wimps.



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  1. I read your article on masculinity and it refreshed my well of manly and honorable pursuits. I met my beautiful wife as four thugs tried to kidnap her. In the first seconds three were unconscious and the fourth was dispatched as he was trying to put his hands upon her. All arrested and jailed by police.
    We married 10 months later. Some things are with risking much. Honor and protecting another would be such.

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