All politics is sexual politics. Here is why.

Long before the Declaration of Independence was drafted by the Second Continental Congress and the US gained its independence.

Even before Christ walked on earth. Push more back further, the Roman Empire conquering and the Germanic Tribes challenging them. Slave trade Arabs and the purchase of Joseph.

One can go back into earlier primitive human tribes and interactions. This deep wisdom has been sewed into the human race.

The simple truth. Human beings understood the basic group survival code: If you allow a large loss of your women, you run the risk of becoming extinct. 


Life for man is difficult.

The high expectations. The constant demands. The sacrifice. The struggle with identity. But with the support of his woman, he can find peace and success.

Without women knowing their role and supporting their men, life becomes unbearable for man. And if we lose our men, we lose our children and ourselves.

Men were not created to compete against a woman. If they were put in that awkward situation, they will opt out. You can easily observe this in academia.

Women outperform men in a classroom setting, proving to be better students. Many young men end up dropping out or do not go onto college. (Men who end up succeeding in the classroom may lack social and business skills but nevertheless their masculinity is still oppress. These males are the biggest consumers in the porn and prostitution industry.)

The only thing on a young man’s mind while sitting in a classroom with a young beautiful girl he likes, is to see her naked. How do I know? Because they told me this, bluntly to my face at 15 years old.  But I will let you know a secret to my male readers: The only thing on a young girl’s mind when she is in a presence of a man she likes, is carrying his baby. Yes! This is true.  

Many men with a GED or even a HS drop out, turn to join the military in hopes to regain the sense of worthiness.  Sharpen their testosterone. But- hello. Women are popping up in the Army as well.

Men, once again in a awkward situation, retreat. Now today more than ever- many healthy, ambitious and capable young men aren’t signing up for the military.*

*Not all is to blame on the military’s new agenda of watering down their qualifications. They too are under constant demands from the Equal Opportunity Warriors. 

Still with the strong desire to push on, they go into a hands-on mechanical, construction and police arena. Hoping to slay fellow gladiators with an oil change or parking ticket.  The blue collar work force. This is their last hope to an all-male tribe.

But women still aren’t happy. Women have successfully entered the work force which was created by men, to only complain about more equality. They want the freedoms of careless sex men appear to enjoy. They also want the same amount of money men appear to have. But these feminist overlook the facts:  The blue collar male is actually earning more money than a woman with a Masters degree. Not because of a “holier sex” or patriarchy (although, patriarchy comes from the word father- which is good.) but due to his work ethic, long hours, risk taking and work related skills. Men also handle one night stands much better than a woman can.

Truth be told, it is the hard working man who is being treated unfair. The world has denied him wealth, easy women and free time.

My perspective is, the only winners in the sexual liberation movement are the wealthy older men who were high school losers. This is their revenge on the alpha male that appears to have it all. (Seek Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton and other rejects in high power.)

But taking away their women is bad for us all.

The losses of women come in many forms. If she is away from her family, who is raising her children? If she is on the battlefield, what will the enemy do to her as a POW?

Humans understood that the value and very existence of society rests upon women. Would you like to know just how important a woman’s presence is?

Just take a drive to a ghetto nearby. (Make sure your car is bullet proof. Better yet, just Google the images.) The ghetto is unkempt, crime at large and men in the streets. This is because: There Is No Women There. She is at a dead-end job or in class pursuing a useless degree. Now, take a drive to the suburbs. How beautiful! A lovely playground with a few children. A garden with birds chirping. An Amazon package waiting out front for the wife to pick up. Women are present, men are providing. It really is that simple, but difficult in a secular, tempting world.


“A man in the home is worth two in the street.” – Mae West

What is more important than the US Constitution is the Bible. But even before the Word of God was written, there was a verbal agreement. A sexual contract: You protect. You bring us bread and meat. We will care for your children and cook the meat.

Sounds primitive, but the calls for equality is what actually leads to barbarism.

When you view a society in which the women dominate, you can expect a male uproar to follow and it won’t be pretty. Without the noble need of a husband or father- The men will become criminals or reduce to woman. It will be Pompeii all over again. Then we face self-extinction. Any society that mistreats its women (no matter the reason) are poor, corrupt and never fully recover. Just take notice at the Middle East.

It is important for us not to go down that route.

What made the West incredible was its need for women, for which in a communist or socialist state- women aren’t needed. My American father was overjoy when I was born. But I am pretty sure in communist China, a father is sad to see he has a daughter born.

The West taught their young men not to physically fight women and to avoid competing with women. This will ruin your reputation as a man. It is always frowned upon when a man doesn’t work (even in socialist regimes) because it shows he can’t preform his male duty. Once in the West, men were not only a symbol of power, freedom and security to women. They were expected to protect and defend women. Their country was counting on them to do so.

It is appropriate for me to quote Peter Drucker (whom inspired me to write this article in the first place.)

“We are busily unmaking one of the proudest social achievements in the 19th century, which was to take married women out of the work force so they can devote themselves to family and children.”

The current state looks discouraging for a young man to honor this Western law. The older men have abandon this leadership responsibility and commitment to the home. The women traded their men for “Independence” (while voting for bigger government) with a side benefit of “free love.”

I am not a prophet, but I know the future judging from the past. This happened so many times and the results have been repeatedly tragic.

However, we still have hope in America. Our time is not done.

The best sign for the American society to sustain itself is a constant emergence of political leaders from unexpected places. Take President Trump. A man willingly to commit himself to the defense of American Civilization. This is the core reason why he is viciously attacked. A true outsider (not just some orphan community organizer with self-hate) who bluntly fights back and represents the People’s desire to be free.

God fearing gentlemen, with their supportive ladies and their weapons are the only threat to barbarism.

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2 thoughts on “All politics is sexual politics. Here is why.

  1. Very good. Especially the reference that men and women shouldn’t be compete. We were made to complement each other not to compete.

    1. Yes. When women challenge men- the men will surrender.
      I believe there should be options (free market, even in the family structure). People shouldn’t be forced or punished for choosing to work out the home or be with their children. Society shouldn’t discourage or tax the homemaker’s husband. They will produce the most productive citizens, while their father can turn his aggression positively and focus on his career. I actually turned down a good paying job at Wash. DC because I want to be with my kids. Their childhood is only a small amount of time in my life and I want to enjoy it. The work force will always be there.

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