Smashing Confederate statues benefits who?

Like a thief in the night, Confederate statues were removed at Austin, Texas and throughout the nation.

The quarrelsome that quickly unfolded afterwards is expected.

It’s at the point where these “cause and reaction” events are getting predictable, at the cost of our country’s history.

When there was a mass shooting at Charleston Church South Carolina 2015, the state responded by having a removal of their state flag. (The victims were black and the shooter was a young white male.) The reason to remove the flag is to help reduce hate, sadness or any emotion that might provoke one to act out illegally.

We hear the same explanation with the Confederate statues.

A recent  rally at Charlottesville, VA brought two groups together for riot. One had originally had a permit to exercise their free speech and is considered to be the host of an organized planned event. The other group, who also decided to use their free speech, unexpectedly showed up and interrupted the scheduled event.

Violence broke out.

One side bragged about being pro-NAZI, anti-Jew and pro-white. (This is the permit group.) The media immediately identifies them as the ‘Alt-Right’ or ‘White Supremacy.’ Okay. Now Americans are told who are the villains. The reason they were there was to express their disagreement with any removals of Confederate statues. (This quickly backfires. Almost as if it were planned out to help push the agenda of removal of any historical Confederate statue.)

The other side boast in their position to stop this hateful group from protesting- even using violence as necessary while disguising themselves. They are proudly: Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other extreme radical far-left militant political groups. The media did not identify them as anything. In fact, the media ignored or watered down the “other people” there. One would assume there were only innocent bystanders who fell prey to the hateful NAZI sympathizer group.

Let me be clear: These two groups during the Charlottesville protest represent the same umbrella of hate and violence. This has no affiliation to President Trump, his voters or his agenda. Both groups seek supremacy and power through force, manipulation or by any means. None is helping the “little guy” or whatever they supposedly represent.


What exactly is the “Alt-right?” The “Alternative right-winger?” Someone who is extremely patriotic? Or someone ripping STOP signs from the ground because the government shouldn’t place them?

If these people from Charlottesville are the “alt-right”- then I cannot tell them apart from the alt-left. Conservatives by far, disavow any use of violence and intimidation to “persuade” or make law. There is a process we use and we are very patient.

We will have our justice, but this is a false representation of the right wing. (The NAZIs, by the way- were socialist. Not Capitalist or free market people.) Even the infamous David Duke: A born Klansman and lifelong Democrat. Until he wanted to switch parties. In order to be Republican, you have to disavow the Klan. David Duke did. However, he still got the boot from the GOP. Any affiliation with the KKK or any social-justice group is a major NO from the Republican party.

Yet, the media is pinning the scoundrel on the Republican party. And just like all the evils of the country’s history, those responsible are taking no accountability. Furthermore, they blame the Republicans/America for their sins.

And the Republicans take the bait by playing defense. They should NOT have to answer or give an explanation to something that is not their fault. The ideology, core principle or history of the conservative is not at fault.

The aftermath of the riot among the racist groups at Charlottesville, is predictable:  A death occurred which resulted to more removal of Confederate statues.

This decision seemed to be justified because a life was killed during the event. Apparently a pro-NAZI sympathizer drove his car into the crowd, killing a woman bystander.

Understand I am not undermining the loss of life. This is tragic and could have been preventable. But the respond to this tragedy… is to continue statue removals? What will that solve? Who will benefit? And did the violence and racism decrease with the removal of the state flag of South Carolina?

So many things wrong here.

Removing part of history doesn’t remove history. In fact, it encourages a repeat of it.

The supporters of the statue removals insist that having the statues up is really a celebration of the past slave owners and the awful institution of slavery.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Having the 9/11 memorial is not a celebration, but a reminder. Having a cemetery of the deceased isn’t a celebration of death- but also a reminder of those we love.

Any attempts to erase reality of our history, both good times and bad times, spells out destruction for our Republic. We must know our roots. Our history. We must know where we came from in order to know where we are headed. And we must remember where we came from or else we will return.

It’s like when I left Harlem: I do remember it, therefore, I will not return. But I would never suggest to “tear it down” quite the contrary. I would encourage to build it up. That is what us humans must do: Build….. Particularly along the southern border 🙂


The solution is simple: Move on.

(That is what the Bible teaches, by the way. More on that later.)

Learn from history. Learn from your experience. On my Instagram bio (@krystlekatherine) it states a quote by Patrick Henry year 1775:

I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience.

Patrick Henry was referring to the British. He cannot trust their seductive words of promise but only to trust their record of action. The British had a reputation of not keeping their word, just to put it mildly.


Any time I personally feel sad, betrayed or hurt from the past- I praise God that He has brought me through and I look forward to His blessings, lessons and character building. I do not let it occupy my mind. 

This is why I can go through any challenge peacefully because of my faith and focus. I have belief that in any struggle I go through, either from the past, present or upcoming- will be temporarily then to trust in God and let it go.

I share this because those people who seek to truly oppress others, are focusing on the past and stirring up the emotions. Whether it be your country’s history or your childhood: Acknowledge the past without dwelling on it. Observe, learn and now focus on productivity.  You should not be bother which such toxic negativity, when you want to better your life and those around you.

There are only two options you have in life on how to respond to a unfair situation: Get upset. Or get to work.

There is an important verse in the Bible that I subscribe to:

Do not abhor an Edomite, for he is your brother. Do not abhor an Egyptian, because you lived as an alien in his country.” – Deuteronomy 23: 7


Abhor: regard with disgust and hatred.

God is not only asking the Israelites not to take revenge on their previous slave owners. But He is also asking not to feel any loathe or hate. Again: Slavery is wrong but don’t wage war against Egyptians. Furthermore, remove the hate from your heat.

Does that sound a little over-board? Extreme? Is the Lord asking for too much? Not at all. It’s for our own good.

Ask yourself: are you are truly free if your heart is filled with hate? The less you can actually escape slavery if you continue to hate- and there are many forms of slavery.

God is asking the Israelites to “Remember it was I who brought you out off slavery. Now learn from it and use your freedom.” He never intended His creation to dwell and obsess with things they cannot change. But only learn from it.

Understand, those who continue to dwell on the past (instead of learning from it) cannot accomplish much.

FILE – In this Aug. 17, 2017 file photo, the defaced Gen. Robert E. Lee statue stands at the Duke Chapel on Thursday, Aug. 17 2017, in Durham, N.C. Duke University removed a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee early Saturday, Aug. 19, days after it was vandalized amid a national debate about monuments to the Confederacy. The university said it removed the carved limestone likeness early Saturday morning from Duke Chapel where it stood among 10 historical figures depicted in the entryway (Bernard Thomas/The Herald-Sun via AP)

Take a look at the previous president, Obama. Those were long tragic 8 years. But did Conservatives focused and obsessed with the big mistake of electing a failed community organizer as president? No! They simply went to work by turning their back on the past, become optimistic by electing a totally different man with a different agenda for America and they believe in a better tomorrow.

But we will not remove the fact (no matter the regret) of having Obama as president because we don’t want another Obama! The last one similar to Obama was Woodrow Wilson- 1913!

Lastly, it is unfair to judge the past with today standards. It was legal then, illegal now. You cannot even charge a person of a crime he committed 7 years ago! That is called statute of limitations. (Perhaps another “statue” the liberals would like to knock down?)

No one other than those who seek to erase their history due to guilt or wanting a repeat- benefits from removing history. Remember: These were the Democrats leaders. Why are they removing their own party’s history? A cheater would delete his text message history in hopes he wouldn’t get caught. Perhaps he given up on adultery. Perhaps he wants to repeat it. Nevertheless, he doesn’t want to get caught or reminded of the fact: he is a cheater.

Or how about this random: a presidential candidate deletes and destroy the hard drive of her computer with a sledgehammer…… now why would anyone want to do that?