Eliminate the Death Tax

Ever ask yourself “Why is God asking this from me, when I don’t feel like it?”


“Why is God expecting this from me when I desire to do otherwise?”

It can be anything: He asks us to give- when we might want to hold on. He asks us to Remember the Sabbath- when we remember the over time work we did this week. He asks us to honor parents- who aren’t very honorable (according to us). He asks not to steal- but no one will notice. He asks us to remain a faithful, loyal spouse- but again. We struggle with temptation and body.

Why would the Lord ask us to do things that seem so difficult in a secular world?

I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good , but I cannot carry it out.” Romans 7:18

The Lord understands our struggle. But there is good reason why He sets these standards.

To put it simply: He only tells us what is good for us. (The expectations, rule and law.) Choosing otherwise (breaking commandments) has no good result to it. It serves no purpose, say- having an affair. It doesn’t bring a good outcome. Especially in the long run.

No good can come out of it.

When the Bible says this is good for mankind, it isn’t God being a bully. Quite the contrary. He is actually telling you how to prevent crisis, go through trouble times or how to handle the effects of sin after your (or parents) disobedience.

Let’s focus on the Death Tax.

The death tax is wrong, because the Bible says so. (Numbers 36:8) It serves no purpose on bettering or strengthening mankind.

What the death tax is, is really an inheritance tax.

The crimes of this tax are endless:

  • Demonizes money and okays theft: Taxing something that has been already tax is stealing at this point.
  • Demonizes money a child receives from his father’s estate: Society now frowns upon if you were born into wedlock. This is “privilege” and you never struggled. (They even mock if you were self-made: “Oh. Look who it is. It’s new money, he has no class.”)
  • Breaks the family tree: Interrupts the link of generations.
  • Contradicts capitalism: Entrepreneurs, innovators and creativity is built upon the foundation consecutive of their parents.
  • Kills innovation and work ethic: People will invent, labor and create far more if their children and grandchildren are at stake. Are they preserving their genes? No. It is because whether they realize it or not- people seek immortality through their children and work. Numbers 27:7

The death tax contradicts God’s teachings. No one is entitled to a dead man’s estate, possessions other than his children.  A King or federal, local government should never become the heir.

Unfortunately, throughout history- these “heirs” did become the receiver.  The result? Well, as it turned out- it was no good for the parents and children connection. Followed by no good came out of it for economic reasons as a whole nation.

Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor. – Proverbs 12:24  




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