Why did we save the Syrians but not the Russians or Chinese?

Have you noticed the great achievements of the 1950’s in America?

Let’s quickly review:

  •  1951 America introduced the first colored T.V. along with the first credit cards to purchase them.
  •  1952 Car seat belts were introduced.
  • 1953 DNA discovered and the first Playboy magazine published.
  • 1954 Expedition to search for the Abominable Snowman. (This was sponsored by the British, of course.)
  • 1955 Disneyland opens.
  • 1956 Elvis pops up on T.V. while Americans enjoy a new invention to help watch him: Remote controls.
  • 1957 Dr. Seuss publishes The Cat in the Hat.
  • 1958 Hula hoops are trending. Big time.
  • 1959 U.S. Quiz shows found to be fixed.

There was much more fun going on aside from what I mentioned. But, my goodness. What an exciting, fun and thriving  decade in America! We just finish and won World War 2. The Japs surrendered to American policies and now Americans had Elvis. The world was such in a great place. Or was it?

On the other side of the world… people weren’t as nearly thrilled as Americans were. There was poverty, destruction, famine and death.

Chinese communist (self-proclamation socialist) dictator Mao Zedong launches the “Great Leap Forward” in 1958. (Forward? Onward? Sounds familiar?) His so called economic plan killed at least 45 million Chinese in just 4 years!  That is 11,250,000 per year- almost a million murders a month.  (937,500) The death toll of World War 2 was 55 million worldwide.

**Mao the murderer is on every Yuan (bank note) in China.

Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the USSR was also murdering his citizens around the same time. By the millions.  His death toll is being estimated at 20 million in the 1950’s. Check out a few of his quotes below.

Social democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism…. These organizations (ie Fascism and social democracy) are not antipodes, they are twins.- Joseph Stalin.

The press must grow day in and day out — it is our Party’s sharpest and most powerful weapon.- Joseph Stalin

Mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited; and to abstract oneself from this fundamental division, and from the antagonism between poor and rich, means abstracting oneself from fundamental facts.- Joseph Stalin

Lastly, in 1959 Fidel Castro becomes dictator of Cuba. The first communist country on the Western Hemisphere.

All the murders and evil dictators in power while America is reading Cat in the Hat.

Well, if it is America’s “duty” and “obligation” to fight communism and spread democracy- why did Americans turn a blind eye to these horrific events? (America did try to stop Cuba in the Bay of Pigs. But gave up almost immediately.)

Why does it appear then, America selects which regimes to challenge while ignoring others? Why did the US intervene in Syria recently? The story is, Assad (the Syrian president) used chemical weapons against his own people- killing 1,400 civilians.  Our current President (who is from New York City) got “moved” by images of children gassed from this attack and decided to launch missile strikes with total support from both parties.

When I first read the articles then heard from the President himself: “I was moved. Horrible images.” I couldn’t understand it…. Why would a Republican billionaire from New York make such a big decision based on emotions? Yes, the event was tragic. Dictators killing innocent civilians (their own people!) is a tragedy. It’s been going on since the dawn of time.

If it is our duty to stop evil Assad- why stop there?

Why didn’t we save the Russians and Chinese from their own wicked governments? During World War 2, we did so with Japan, Germany and Italy. Today there are African dictators killing their own citizens, confiscating wealth and property. Are we to ignore those world crimes and place our attention only on the sins of Assad? Similar to World War 2?

ABOVE PHOTO: Once Syria’s largest city, Aleppo has been the worst-hit city in the country since the Battle of Aleppo began in 2012 as part of the ongoing Syrian Civil War.

The fact that the US government informed their citizens that the intervention in Syria was necessary because of emotional reasons isn’t how governments are suppose to operate. As you can see, the USSR was heartless. NAZI Germany made it clear of their goal. Mao saw progress through more murder. All these government had a mission and didn’t care what people “felt.”

But the American government is different. The US government decided to use tax payer money solely for emotional reasons. They were able to achieve this by feminizing the country since World War 2.

Feminize men bringing in refugees based on emotions and leaving their country’s border open is also a  threat to the American citizen.

Compassion has no role in government.

Yes, that might sound cruel. But government isn’t there for compassion or killing their own citizens. Both betrays their citizens and the results lead to a ending of the country’s existence.

Decisions should be made based on truth, law- what is Constitutional. Not: “How would you feel?” Or “Her intentions were good.”

Now we can tell what’s in someone’s heart?! No! We look at the actions one takes.

Foreign governments may have different policies. But here in America there is the rule of the law.  It is NOT American to tax citizens to impose our Western beliefs to any foreign regime.



3 thoughts on “Why did we save the Syrians but not the Russians or Chinese?

  1. I would replace the founding of Playboy magazine with the invention of the polio vaccine but I got your point. I disagree with the broad statement that Compassion has NO place in government. but I do agree law and policy should be based on fact rather than feelings. I am pretty sure that the decision to hit Syria was not purely based on the president’s emotional response. Given the complexities of international engagement; especially military action, and the inability to disclose information to the general public either for strategic or security reasons; as well as the public’s inability to understand those complexities, it is quite understandable for the president to express his emotional response to the chemical attack as a justification for a strike because it would be an easier “sell” to the public.

    1. The quick timeline of the 50’s was to demonstrate our fun times while millions were burning. I am against gov having compassion for non-citizens. Perhaps I should have specify more clearly. If my neighbor wants to have compassion and fight Assad to save the Syrians- I will fund it! But my gov duty is to serve me, just like my loyalty is with my country.

      As for the decision to attack Syria- I support our President and country. However, I question all decisions made. What was the motives or reasons being told to the American people? Nikki Haley (the current US ambassador to the UN) used images of dead children to persuade the public of okaying the attack. Our President also piggy-backed on those images as reasons. (Claiming the images is what changed his mind.) Yes, it is tragic. I don’t want to give the impression of being ‘heartless.’ However- there are many awful events going on throughout the world and these decisions should not be made based on heart but using our heads. Americans are very hesitant to get involved in these crisis. Especially at the sake of our men and women in uniform. The left is “anti-war” and the right is anti-big gov.Surely, we both can meet somewhere.

      I do believe our President is a patriot. I also believe he is a nice guy, which is his weakness. I do not want him to cave. God bless President Trump!

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