The two type of thinkers: Future Thinkers and Present Thinkers

Which do you fall into?

We all know or at least know of someone who is rich. For now, let’s just define a person with wealth as an individual who doesn’t live paycheck to paycheck- they can sleep comfortably at night with no financial stress.

Now these people would be considered upper class. Surely, since this person earned or inherited their wealth, one must assume they also have upper class values? I think not…

There are far too many wealthy people who lack upper class values. Interesting enough, you can find lower class people with upper class values and the result is that their children become successful and break into the upper class.

In short- there is rich trashy people. Poor but self-respect people. Rich moral people. Poor evil people. There is a blend of all types, despite their economic background. What exactly separates the two types of people? If we briefly leave the bank accounts out of the equation, what separates these people?

Their mindset.

This is what separates the high class values and low class values- no matter your income.

Here is what I describe the Two Type of Thinkers: Future Thinkers and Present Thinkers.

Present Thinkers: Live for the moment. You heard of the tragedy by Drake called “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) haven’t you?  What type of people are drawn to this song? This lifestyle of ‘only living once- so do what you feel. Do what you want. Live for the moment. Follow your heart.

This type of reckless thinking can often lead to lifelong suffering.

People who are ‘for-now’ thinkers spend their money on meaningless things to satisfy the instant quick pleasure they get out of it. They do this while ignoring the consequence of the debt they will inquire.  Sometimes they experience “buyers remorse” but they do it again anyway. YOLO.

The present thinkers also tend to be selfish, lack compassion, are consumers and “getters”/takers. Eventually, becoming a burden to society. How can one even dare think about the next generation (or even their fellow current citizen for that matter) when they live in the moment? They do not sacrifice or invest wisely because to them- they are forever young. But if they do happen to get old, they truly believe it is the government’s responsibility to take care of them. Again, living up to their true belief of “I am a consumer. YOLO.”

Future Thinkers: Invest. If I had one word for these individuals, it would be that they are creatures of investing. On their family, money and country.

These types learn from the importance of the past. View the present as a transition into the extremely important future. All time parts are crucial to their survival and even to mankind.

The future thinkers work now, play later. Save money when it can be difficult or even boring to some. Sacrifice instant pleasure for long-term success. This is hard! Not just with money, but with love. They do this in commitment and taking their vows seriously in marriage. They understand that the nuclear family unit is the root to Civilization. On the other hand, one night stands can lead to destruction. They understand when creating children, they will be grandparents some day together. Their family reputation and values are very important to their future.

Giving. Since future thinkers are constantly looking for ways of improvement. A better tomorrow. A better future, they want to give their time or money to be a productive help. They give without logic and reason. They give because they have faith.

People with low class values but with upper class money- never last. Take a look at history’s monarchies. Or take a look right here and now as an example: The Kennedy family.  These people never maintain because they have no values.

Who puts values out there for us humans to strive for? And how does one obtain them?

What if I told you that in the language of Hebrew the word God means eternal? God lives in the past, present and future. Lasting forever. Obviously, God has upper class values. He truly sets the bar high as future thinkers strive to become more godlike.*

*Now I am not suggesting that all atheist are evil out there. Again, there is a blend of all types of people. But the core reason why some atheist choose to have values to begin with is simply because: “I like them.” It is merely an opinion and nothing based on duty, obligation, reason or fact. If we are just sophisticated animals, then you do what you like. These rare moral atheist just prefer to live in a Civilization rather than the animal kingdom simply because they are more comfortable.

To change your mindset from a Present Thinker to a Future one is challenging, but rewarding. It is not impossible and starting with today you can prepare for a better tomorrow.

Here is a few ideas to get you started: Start by changing your behavior and the way you speak. This will highly effect your thoughts. Surround yourself with goal-like people. This will help tremendously with fighting temptations and animal like urges. Attend a church. Volunteer your time. READ- separate yourself from the apes! Give yourself a goal with a deadline. Achieve it.

Philippians 4:13 New King James Version (NKJV)

13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.


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  1. Then there are always the NOT thinkers known for not thinking. Nice post. Food for thought.

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