How to satisfy the neglected soul

The traditional way of satisfying the soul has gone away. Our culture now embraces other forms of feeding this need: exotic vacations, extreme sports, fancy meal preps, yoga and even working out seems to be in the main stream nowadays. A connection between mind and body.

Trying to solve this emptiness of the soul with these temporary fixes doesn’t actually offer the true solution. The body is good but the soul remains unfed.

Always hungry.

Even purchasing items may seem to satisfy the soul at the moment. There is even an entire business of which people rent out storage space to place all their stuff!

What our culture is really doing is trying to replace the spiritual aspect we humans desperately need with material stuff.

All this is really a yearning to connect with God.

If you believe your body is all you got (no soul) then death is terrifying for you. Death is ultimate and final to you. Therefore, you must conserve. Storage. Be extra careful. Must not risk your life for duty and honor- but you can risk your life for excitement and instant pleasure.

Why is this? People who are members to the Church of Storage are not believers of a better tomorrow.

This phrase: You only live once is only justification of acting wrong.

When humans only take care of their body (oxygen, food, shelter) and ignore their soul- or misdiagnose it with these fixes I mentioned earlier, they are doing much damage to themselves. Misreading what they truly need (God) is like this: You are freezing and instead of warming up, you eat a sandwich. It doesn’t take away the cold.

Beginning my fitness journey into bodybuilding has been a rough one. It requires major self-discipline. I train my body to obey what my mind,  Ordered my flesh to do what I say- not the other way around. Training regularly and with a strict diet- I feel a sense of satisfaction. Especially when I follow through or after a high intensity run. This is where you might have heard of the runners high.

(This could explain why many athletes are religious.) 

The strength training, running and healthy eating are all difficult to master because it isn’t a natural thing to do. God called us to overcome the natural. He didn’t ask us to over-sleep or over-eat. Even with this journey of overcoming the physical and it can be very spiritual- I still crave God. This feel of desire for Him will never cease.

This could never replace my relationship with Him. At times I feel it is a connection or bonding time with Him. But I understand that the Most High would expect more from me outside of the gym. Just like a marriage would require work all the time- not just on the wedding day.

Helping and serving His other children (my family, friends and people of the community are just a few) will make Him smile. Praying and reading the Bible also fills this hunger of the soul.

Simply give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes in the morning before you start your day. Before you drink your coffee. Before you go for your AM run. Before the kids wake up and before you head out to work. Just you and Him. Quiet time.

Use this time to pray to the Creator. Try this for at least 2 weeks and you will see: Peace will come down to you. You will have purpose and suddenly, your life becomes meaningful.


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  1. Well my beautiful wonderful awesome daughter words cannot express how proud I am of you and I have been practicing it as well and it is awesome.

  2. Preach it young lady!! We tend to lean on our own understanding instead of basking in the wisdom and love that is the LORD

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