The ONLY 3 job skills you need… and where you learned it from

As a child you felt grumpy because you didn’t get the candy you asked for. Mother is now introducing you to a friend of hers, but you are a stubborn and rebellious child. You will not greet the stranger! You want the candy.

Your mother gives you a glare for your rude behavior.

The type of glare that sent chills down your spine.

If you do not corporate- well. You can say good bye to candy… forever! You immediately change your face from a frown to a pleasant smile at mother’s friend.

Now mother is content for now- somewhat disappointed.

Surely you remember this day.

The day to which you had to put your emotions aside to handle business.

Or how about these lovely childhood lessons?

Chewing with your mouth close. Saying ‘please and thank you’ when appropriate. No elbows on the table. Do not talk back to authority. No swearing. Certainly no scratching your armpits and releasing toxicants into the air in public. You aren’t an ape. Wash your hands before and after your meal. Bring the spoon to your mouth, not mouth to your plate.

And just like the flashback from earlier- change your face expression to a pleasant one. We have company here.

The list goes on and on.

These childhood lessons are extremely important to ones success in life.

Particularly in creating wealth.

These manners and gestures are character attributes rather than anything else. They will help guide you on your human interaction with others.

Regardless if you know this.

This is why the family unit is very important. Once an employer knows you are a product of married parents- you are now at an advantage. You  already have experience in major working skills.

Being part of a family is being part of a team.

When you are on a team- you must work together. Be polite. Be courteous. Be respectful. Serve one another.

An intelligent employer would immediately understand that these traits of early customer service skills are acquired from having parents.

But what if you didn’t have parents? What if you came from a single mother household? Raised by grandma? Or in some cases- property of the state. How would one have the opportunity to gain these traits with a major disadvantage of not having parents?

Although it is rough- there is a solution for this. The faster you come to the realization of your situation, the faster you can overcome it.

The best way one can inquire these proper and basic work skills is to work at a small business. There you will have opportunity, not just to make money but to learn as if you were part of a family.

This is much more beneficial than any “job-training program” out there.

Coming from a family or working at a small business offers the essential job skills necessary to find and keep an entry-level job.

Here are the only three job skills needed to obtain this (and you can thank your parents for teaching you this):

1- Show up on time when expected and regularly.

2- Obey instructions.

3- Speak, dress and act respectfully.

In the United States, almost anyone following these rules can find and keep an entry- level job.

What I have found is YOU become more valuable to your employer, the business and people you serve. YOU become needed.

All by having that customer service face your mother showed you.

Now, no more frowning.