Family friendly Western businesses! But where are the families?

The West has created a culture of promoting both family and work. That is part of it’s history and success.

Humans beings not being ones to settle (even if something is absolutely profiting) we must experiment more… What if the West creates a culture to which both parents can work and still have their families?

The state can now tax two people instead of one person. But how can a government encourage a climate of working parents and have their children to be left in the care of someone else?

Well, for one the Feds shouldn’t decide this. Whether or not this move is good business- it should be left up to the company to decide it’s corporate policies. Not being mandated from the central government.

But here we are.

In present day to which both private and government work offers paid maternity leave (for both men and women!). Some work environments even offer day care on-site, many paid vacation and sick days- offering much benefits for a “family-friendly” working environment. Throw a gym into headquarters and now you have a real healthy work place! (Although there is still a rise of obese and diabetics..)

While mothers began to accept this new challenge- many felt positive over this change. An opportunity to compete and showcase their talents. Some felt guilty trading in their children for an employer. Particularly those mothers who were also wives and didn’t necessarily have to work.

The demands of being an exceptional employee while attending your son’s baseball game and having dinner ready by 6PM seems all unreal and stressful.

The pressure hits, divorce rates are through the roof and if you were an investor- you might consider buying cat food stocks.

What is more-even as the West becomes more “family-friendly” at the work force, there happens to be a decline in it’s population.

People are just not reproducing as they were decades ago.

In fact, one European country has spent millions on advertising to persuade it’s citizens to have babies. Click HERE to learn more about it’s advertising.

So if it is divorce or a declining population, it appears that this social experiment is having the complete opposite effect on encouraging people to have families: People aren’t having families- regardless of the “benefits” it offers.

Then there is this question: Do family-friendly policies like childcare subsidies and job sharing increase productivity and profits? Or are do these hurt the bottom line?


This seems to spell out trouble for the welfare policies to continue. Spanish business consultant Alejandro Macarrón is highly aware and explains HERE on what would happen to Spain if it continues to have low fertility.

Not surprisingly, the West also appears to be transitioning to a Post-Christian era. As spirituality declines, so does the population.

This is precisely because fertility is a function of faith: People who have children have faith. People who do not have children lack faith. It’s that simple.

People with children tend to be religious and optimistic. People without children tend to be secular and pessimistic. This isn’t the case with every individual, but it is the natural.

What is optimism? It is hopefulness and confidence about the future of course! And when you have children- you must believe, not just in a future- but one that is successful and prosperous.

What is pessimism? A tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe the worst will happen. Secularism, atheism and liberalism all subscribe to this thought.

Shockingly, both world views must believe.

What is it that a pessimistic might believe that is so horrible? The secularist worldview is characterized in global warming. This obsession with shortage- the future of the planet and humankind is bleak. Resulting to a belief of doom. The worst is yet to come. Unlike with religions, the best is yet to come because God has a plan and the Creator is there for His Creation.

People are being told (some times directly or indirect) that investing or taking a risk on starting a marriage or business is pointless. Without faith (the belief + action) none of these institutions can thrive.