Understanding the root of the leftist belief system

To fully understand why progressives give praises and respect to dictators by celebrating their “heroism” and fight for “social justice”, you must go into the root cause for their belief.

Their belief of dictators being good for the world.

The motivation and mind set of a leftist can appear to be complex and at many times, contradicting. However, using the same script they have been following for centuries, one can’t help notice a similar common thread for the reason of their being. The leftist goal of a utopian paradise run by a few selected noble dictators while everyone remains equal peasants is straight forward… and so it the root of their entire belief system.

One just has to dig deeper for a full understanding of the foundation of the progressives logic.

The faith leftists has to obtain a classless utopia society with prefect equality is achievable through any means necessary. Wars, starvation, division among the citizens, riots/protest against churches and small businesses. Invasions, murder, raping, the hatred and abolition for currency, law enforcement and nations are all worthy causes for the outcome: Destruction of civilization.


Then with the ashes of capitalism, the leftists no longer seeks to re-build a new society but live like the animal we humans truly are.

This is his hopes for a secular paradise. To become more like the serpent: no duty, responsibility, honor or obligations while moving with our feel-good pleasurable feelings. Giving into instant pleasure rather than long-term boring and painful investment. And above all, not listening or becoming closer to God. After all, it was the serpent- not God whom Adam listened too…

This explains why the left wing not only hates his democratic-capitalist host country, but he also self-hates.

Ultimately the leftists hates man, including himself and lusts for his own extinction. In order to believe in a true socialist utopian paradise, one must have a true disgust for man and all he represents. The leftist also believes if he cannot utterly wipe out man from the planet, he can for the time being, mold and create a new type of man. The reason why the leftist holds on to the idea of The New Soviet Man.

The leftists idea of man being responsible for heating and destroying the earth (global warming) is only one method they use to disrupt both capitalism and man. The ugly truth of the solution on handling this global warming (a religion in itself) is a heavy taxation and ultimately death to mankind.

Another strategy the leftist uses to help achieve this paradise is using the popular philosophy: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Using this ideological point, anyone or anything (global warming) who seeks to destroy the leftist home town of civilization is a helpful ally. Even if temporarily.

In his book, “Unholy Alliance” David Horowitz emphasizes the left wing’s romance with communism during the Cold War and today with the Islamic Supremacist that also seeks to destroy Western Civilization.

Using a common enemy to aid assistance to destroy civilization still  leaves the question: Why? What motivates the leftists? What is his reason and passion for believing or wanting this paradise?

Returning back to the self-hate the leftists has for himself, having found a brave, totalitarian entity- he can now submit his whole being to. The leftists can now shed and rid his individuality into a greater whole. This explains the leftist traveling the world in search for his utopian paradise- or at least fantasizes of being in third world countries. Not to lift people out of poverty- because poverty is culture and good. But to be part of an powerful authoritarian tyranny through which he witnesses power up close and finds a new purpose…


Being under heavy power and control, he now can settle, deal and accept  his personal powerlessness and failures that he experienced in his own life back at Western Civilization.

This logic of a leftists is purely personal. His social (and at time financial) handicaps kept him distant from others, yet he remains yearning to belong and fit in. Something he failed miserably in his prosperous country.

Historian David Potter brilliantly described this behavior as “Negative Identification.” This is when a person has failed to identify positively with his own environment. This is why precisely an individual like this is willingly trading up his individuality, rights and freedom to an all powerful material form entity in the name of “social equal justice.”




2 thoughts on “Understanding the root of the leftist belief system

  1. Very deep. I’ve always thought that the person who admires a dictator does so for one of two main reasons. One is they identify with the image of “benevolent” dictator. (I get sick when I hear someone say “At least Cubans are educated and have health care.”) These see themselves in that place of controlling other people because they know what’s best and they should be admired for it. The second group looks to the dictator as a parental figure; one who’ll take all responsibility. Freedom and securing freedom takes much work and sacrifice whereas living as a subject does not. Both groups tend to dismiss the brutality of a dictator in their idealist view. As to the self-loathing you mention, I don’t doubt that it is a spiritual issue. There’s a God shaped hole in all of us.

    1. Great observation.
      You are correct with the parental figure (mother knows best) relations. They had abandon God the father and replaced Him with a material entity father with an expiration date. (Man was created to worship.) Cuba has healthcare alright. But no doctors or working hospitals….shhh.
      Recently, I had an unfortunate conversation with a socialist. He explained to me that the ‘elite’ need to live a certain life style, even if it is contradicting to what they preach, due to ‘promotion of that lifestyle and representing a father-like status.’ Becoming the provider and protector- both masculine traits. This is why socialism feminizes one ready to submit to muscle gov.

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