Opening a restaurant? What my 7 year old taught me about Capitalism

When considering on making a life changing move, it is risky.
It’s only natural that humans prefer not to. Being a creature of habit and security- why take a risk?
Going back to school to further your education will disrupt your current work flow. Or how about giving up a wild nights of being promiscuous and having meaningless sex in exchange for a big rime risk: marriage.  We already know what’s involved with a one night stand. But investing? Getting married? We just don’t know what to expect.
Even the thought of changing bad eating habits and going to exercise to improve our health sounds dreadful. It’s work.
“No man is so brave that he is disrupted by something unexpected.” – Julius Caesar
Change is scary.
And what is more, is the possibility of failure.
This might surprise you, but I found most people are extremely creative when it comes to why they are not pursuing their ideas in addition to the default character of human nature.
No time. Lack the money. No resources. You need to have a P.hD No connections. Have zero social and marketing skills. No one supports me. I’m not as smart as someone else. I’m ugly. Overweight. I don’t have the ambition or drive as the next person.
I too got creative.
Here is a conversation between my 7 year old daughter and I.


“Mommy, you should open up a restaurant.” My innocent daughter said to me one morning.
“Honey- I didn’t go to college for Hospitality Management. I went for Art.”
“Well, this is art mommy.” She smiled as she ate my breakfast art work.
Only if my daughter only understood the risk and challenges of of opening up a restaurant. I’m not at all concerned with the market- my food will sell itself. I’m just worry about something much more complex….
“No sweetie. You want me to slave away forever in a hot kitchen? Let me explain: I slave away in my restaurant, then to only have the feds bust down the doors to my establishment. Not marching through the front door with machine guns, of course. Although that would eventually be their end goal. But through the back door, those cowards! With their EPA, regulations, taxation and health inspectors…. ha. Is that what you want?”
I know my daughter couldn’t possibly understand everything I just said at the moment. But the message is clear: the horrors of big government and making it difficult to start and run any business. Murdering the spirit of a hopeful entrepreneur on top of an already doubtful, hesitant human race.
She stood quiet for a moment. She looked up at me from her plate with sad eyes. Then she spoke in a low voice:
“No mommy. That sounds awful. I just want people to taste your food. I want people happy like when you make me happy. I just just want people to taste good food from a good mommy. You deserve it.”
Now her message is loud and clear: I would be robbing people from good food. From experiencing a good service.
If I don’t create, I surrender.

Here are some dishes I made for Thanksgiving:









Being fearful of failure is natural.
The natural condition is for everything to fall on earth- it’s called gravity.  It works both in the physical and non-material world. (Like your brain and mind.)
Going against this condition makes us created in His image.
Only humans are capable of making moral decisions and only humans can be judged and held accountable from those decisions.
Having trust to do business is also incredible with human interactions.
This has me believing that earning your wealth by serving your fellow peers while taking a risk- is a spiritual, faithful act.
I’m glad my daughter spoke wisdom to me. Especially when I needed to hear it in a world of tyranny.
Although I am not a chef (well, I am a wife and mother so I am a bit of everything) – I do have desires of opening up a business. When it came down to the paperwork, state and federal regulations– I got easily discourage.
Thinking to myself 101 reasons not to take the risk were easy.
Then my daughter spoke to me. She reminded me of what love is. She gave me only one reason why I should. Why I am needed.
Why I should not surrender.
And neither should you.
Now get to business!

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  1. Love it! Your little one is surely wise. And that Julius Caesar quote was humbling too. I agree that we should not allow outside forces squash our dreams. I need to get to work myself.

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