13 Reasons Why Hillary Has Lost (And America Has Won)

We did it.

This Historical event that happened on Tuesday November 8th 2016 proved that the People are fed up with the failure of the liberal party. We have spoken. We had our silent protest at the ballot. We want our country back by giving the Republican Party upper control of the government.

The Republicans now control the Presidency, the Senate and House. They also get the selection of the next Supreme Court Justice- making all three branches of government under the control of the Republican Party.

This means that the People did NOT want to continue on the road led by the Democrats. (An article soon would be published to discuss more on the Collapse of the Democrat Party.) The results on Tuesday were a direct response of the failed current leadership in the White House.

However, many of the liberal elites and their peasants are completely flabbergasted with the turn out. How could have Trump won? Everyone said it was impossible! This is a shock to many people. (including Trump’s supporters. They were told from every source that Trump would lose. Badly.)

Hillary Clinton had, what appeared to be, much support.

Her once opponent- Bernie Sanders threw in the towel and endorsed her. He urged his supporters to do the same. Hillary Clinton had support from:


  • The Main Stream Media
  • Hollywood
  • Music industry
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Most College Professors/Universities
  • Celebrities
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Muslims/ CAIR
  • Latinos For Hillary
  • Planned Parenthood
  • FBI–not doing it’s job, therefore giving Hillary the green light to the presidency
  • The DNC
  • Never Trump Movement
  • Wall Street, large banks and large Corporations
  • The US President himself

And much, much more. With so much brainwashing influence on  the masses- how could she not she victory?

Well, here are the 13 reasons why she didn’t get to see victory…. but the American people did.

13. Clinton Foundation scandal

Corruption at it’s finest. A shady charity that funded her daughter’s wedding and lifestyle for the next ten years.  Having foreign governments donate to this charity an exchange for speeches? Or for passing policies? Talk about sell-out.

Imagine if she were handling the US money…..

12. Using her gender, not accomplishments

Well, we are still waiting for a single accomplishment. Not a job title she had. Or the gender she self- identifies as. We need an ACTUAL accomplishment. Actions and (positive) Results.  But there is none.

Rumor has it, that Hillary has never done anything kind for anyone else. A service or even a gift. She has a public look (welcomes all) to a private look (hates all).

Everyone, especially women, were getting fed up with the whole idea of her using her gender as a tool to the White House. It wasn’t only desperate but also insulting.

NOTE: When Hillary had lost the election, she wasn’t even man enough…excuse me. Women enough to confront the lost. Hillary Clinton had sent a MAN to do the job for her. This man had inform the Clinton supporters to “Go home and we will figure things out in the morning.”

11. Lack of trustworthiness


Crooked Hillary.




And murderer.

All these character traits are highly disgusting and also alarming for the American people. How could we trust a high level organized  gangster? This is Hillary’s reputation from those who know her personally.

And the American people saw straight through her public performance. She is unworthy and could never be trusted.

10. Supreme Court

Nine lawyers in robes.

This is who will dictate our country’s laws, along with other federal courts. Coming down to affecting each person. Although many voters were uninterested or see the importance of this- many took this into factor when considering to vote during this election.

The next president elect would have a huge advantage on the Supreme Court selection process. Which is one of our branches of government- the Judicial branch.

9. Bill Clinton

Continuing on from #12- The Champion of Women, Hillary Clinton couldn’t be more anti-women by staying married to a rapist. The new and improved war on women begins with Bill Clinton.

Yet Hillary remains married to Bill Clinton like this is a third world country and women must deal with their rapist cheating spouse. Why on Earth would she still remain married to him? For love? Give me a break.

8. Absence 

Not only did she bail during the campaign for weeks- but she cancelled a schedule one due to rain. She took the weekend off. She hasn’t held any press conferences. But the one I believe is considered to be not only unprofessional, but selfish was when Hillary didn’t show up to tell her supporters she didn’t get the job as US president. Instead, she sent a man to deliver the message…. How ironic.

That would have exactly been her behavior if she had been president. No one would ever get to see Queen Hillary.

7. National Security

Having a secure border isn’t a race issue. It is a National Security issue. If the purpose of the Federal government is to provide safety for it’s citizens by holding a military, they must also provide a secure  border.

If they aren’t doing so (even admitting that they aren’t) what is the purpose of their being? Why are the citizens being taxed? You know, in the private sector, if you don’t preform your job-you indeed get fired. The same rules should apply when concerning the government.

Hillary had no shame in admitting to saying that not only would she not secure the border, but it is moral not too! Not even evil dictators from Communist regimes speak like this.

6. FBI Investigation

Picture this: You apply for a job. They ask in the  job application if you are a felon or have any criminal record ? And for the sake of time, you check off NO.

Hey- it’s innocent until proven guilty, right?

You soon get an interview for the position you seek. However, there is one detail you didn’t mention because you felt it wasn’t important. Ah, but it is important! And the employer had to find out on their own after running your fingerprints for the job position: You have a FBI investigation going on against you.

But you are innocent!

Or it’s a misunderstanding with the FBI….

Maybe you were the one misunderstanding and therefore the FBI went to investigate you.

Alright. You knew exactly what you were doing but didn’t have evil intent?

Regardless of your fabulous and creative reasons you give- you most certainly had turned off human resources. You will NOT be getting the job.

Many Americans were also turned off about the whole FBI investigation. It is worth noting: even if people were unaware of the details concerning the confidential emails and Hillary putting our national security at stake, one thing people understood clearly: Hillary is above the law.

Americans don’t like it.

Especially when Hillary preaches about equality.


5. Negative reinforcement

Bashing Trump could only go so far. But when you have zero accomplishments, your resolution and focus is to attack. Also showing lack of self-discipline.  (When Obama had ran in 2008, he too had zero accomplishments. A community organizer? What is he, 12 years old? Key difference with Obama is that he promoted peace and to end wars that Americans were sick of. There was minor attacks on John McCain, but that wasn’t his message. He promised to unite and bring this country together like a family. Boy, did he sure fool us!)  

How could she honestly attack the man while promoting peace? It sounds like radical Islam.

Also more lecture from Hillary. According to Hillary, Americans are lazy, uneducated, deplorable, useless and now..sexist. Enough is enough. There is never pleasing this liberal party. No matter what you do.

4. Isis, Russia and WW3

With threat of a nuclear war, this concerns ALL citizens. Even the lowest informed citizen. Tensions has been extremely high between the West and the East.

The Obama administration had produced more terror groups, more slavery and more civil wars in foreign countries than any US president.  (In the US we have experienced a mild version of it with a new radical group known as Black Lives Matter.)

All the violence and chaos under a liberal government would not only mean death for our Republic- but death onto millions of citizens worldwide.

Americans understand that if war is unavoidable due to liberal policies, then we would want to get involved only under a true patriotic leader.

This is NOT Hillary Clinton.


3. Obama and his agenda

No one wants a New World Order. A world with no borders and nations. Where only a hand few of people get to rule the globe, while the people of the world become their slaves. This may sound farfetched, however listen to the selective vocabulary of Obama. It wouldn’t take long to figure out that is his goal.

He doesn’t believe in the individual, freedom and God given rights. He believes in man-made global warming, man made rules and laws. He believes in groups. He believes in control.

One thing that has a pattern: Obama endorses someone or promotes a plan, the People go against it. If Obama is for it- the People are against it. If Obama is against it- the people are for it. We seen this happened when the British citizens vote to leave the European Union. Obama urges the voters there to stay in the EU- this is when the people knew they had to EXIT the EU.

The disaster of the Obama administration is astonishing. Aside from the divide of the American people in terms of race, gender and religion- but also in money. The rich has got richer under Obama and the poor has got more poor. The Middle Class is evaporating, only to never be seen again due to equality.

Fighting a full scale war under the least patriotic administration is very concerning to the veterans as well. No one would want to fight a war, not only for the wrong reasons but to lose? That is more than a gamble. It is suicidal.

The flirtation with socialism is done. The People had voted for freedom and rationality.


2. Benghazi 

Who would go to the grocery store for Hillary Clinton?

Well, not many people would. She has the reputation of sending people to places- and they get murdered.

When the ambassador went to North Africa- Libya, he was murdered along with three other Americans.  All request for back-up and help were completely ignored by the Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton. Not only were the calls ignored, but they were denied. The command from the White House was: Stand down.  As if the Obama Administration had an agreement with the terrorist to allow the act to happen! What is going on? You don’t suppose….

Obama and Hillary’s American government  were  possibly smuggling weapons to form a up coming terrorist group? To create a “new” group in order to overthrow foreign governments and kill dictators–while telling Americans a uprising has come against America? Therefore, more reason for the States to mingle in the Middle East? No, impossible!

The ambassador’s role is to represent his country when the country’s president is unavailable.

This was obviously a planned attack. Aside from the date of the event- September 11, 2012, all foreign leaders had inform the US that it was a planned terrorist attack.

The only flag  left waving there in Benghazi was an American flag. After all countries had left the high terror alert area- American were left to die.

  1. Lack of Charm

I cannot stress how important this one is. Not a single world leader, from the past and current- could obtain such power without having charisma. Especially in the West.

Americans are very forgiving. They also tend to overlook what is truly important at times: Character. Qualifications. Accomplishments. But one thing they cannot overlook is a dry, boring, washed-up politician.

Especially one who is old and promoting socialism. How silly!

Understand the Democrats will never win a election with a 70+ old person talking about freebies. It isn’t appealing. It is childish. Socialism is childish.

This is why the Democrats only win when they have a young candidate. Then after the citizens had elected this young charismatic Democrat and the Left Wing  having an advantage with a bias press always supporting  the liberals, citizens  feel not just smitten but noble. This will help the charming inexperience Democrat to receive a high approval rating. However,  victories are short lived. Before you know it, the People could no longer bare the disasters of a feminine White House.

In modern history, there has never been a Democrat elected twice- back to back. We just cannot afford the welfare offices, divide and wars that the Left Wing is (secretly) famous for.

The American people would be exhausted and hungry for a change. A change that will take us back into the Real World- and stop flirting with the idea of creating a heaven on Earth.



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