Fear is separation from faith


Once a few years ago at a barbecue I had a conversation with a self-proclaimed intellectual atheist. He spoke about man having fear as a good thing.

“Fear,” He began as if speaking to a classroom of children. “Is a good thing. It isn’t a learned behavior, but a natural emotion we humans are born with. Fear warns us. It protects us. It prevents us from being silly. Fear is your life insurance.”

I thought to myself, “Is this guy out of his mind? Since when being a coward was considered noble?” But if he believes that having fear is good then that means many others do as well.

After that day I would go onto hearing other people say this.

What they all had in common is: they weren’t people of faith.

Surely there are some people who claim to have faith yet remain fearful in life. This is not true faith.

Fear tends to reinforce our separation from God. This is why the atheist, secular Jew or progressive person dwells in fear. When a person has faith- a belief with the ability and will to act- then fear cannot exist.

People with separation from The Most High do not have faith that the source of the universe will provide for all they need. They believe in ‘studies’ or statistics. Reason and thinking. This is all great things, however too much of it will prevent you from doing the impossible. In the words of the atheist: “prevents us from being silly.”

If you think about the odds and chances of getting married and staying married. Or starting a business. Boarding a plane. A job interview. Defend your country. You may think twice before you act. That is risky behavior.

When a person has no faith, their fear emotions goes up bringing on anxiety, the need for security, hesitation, inaction and many other forms of disruptions with spiritual growth.

Anxiety: A feeling of worry, nervousness or unease- typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.


Anxiety is almost always a spiritual conflict. There is something with our behavior that is not in alignment with our spiritual principles or our spiritual growth.

Now the question is: How do we overcome this fear? This anxiety?

Having faith by actually practicing it is trusting in the Lord that everything we truly need will be granted. Knowing that you are part of God’s plan and you are connected to other spiritual beings will set your mind free.

This turns us away from being selfish (concerned with primarily our own needs and concentrate more on servicing others). Selfless individuals also find themselves more at peace because they are helping others and by doing so, are more aligned with the flow of the universe.

When people self-sacrifice they are never anxious. How can one be anxious if they are focused on the needs of others?

Here are two tips I offer on overcoming fear:

1. Service.

Do this without expecting anything in return. Love thy neighbor. 

2. Get rid of the source of your fear by trusting in the Lord.

Do not limit yourself by being materialistic. All material has an expiration date. You are created in his image. Therefore, do not degrade or lower yourself by limiting yourself.

You are self-sufficient. You are connected to God.