What’s so great about Patriotism?

Growing up in a poor neighborhood, I just knew there had to be something great beyond this noise of pain.

The crying. The fights. The crime. The agony.

Children had no fathers.

Young boys who were desperate to regain and cling onto their masculinity, admire the life of a criminal. This criminal behavior help feed the tapeworm in the young boy’s soul in order to become respected by other males and wanted by the women.

The young women, whom the young men did not respect. They had no desire or sense urgency to protect women. Let alone, not even marry- regardless if she were carrying his child.

No, because those traits were never on display for the young men to see.  Traits of having virtue. Responsibility. Respect. Investing. Commitment. Self-control. Becoming godlike.

What they did see- violence, no fathers and an absent-bitter mother who wishes to be young again- is dysfunctional.


The basic and the foundation to any society to succeed. Being part of a family shows love and service. Because you love, you service others. Because you service others- you love.

This is the very beginning on developing work ethics. If this is set, then you are soon to prosper in your life–including growing your wealth.

But what a family also offers to the individual is, it displays how one must have self-control him/herself. When young members of the family see their parents commitment and their self-control on not acting out on selfish desires,  they get inspire to do the same.


Those who do best teach best. The one who can demonstrate a lesson best is by living their life most powerfully that can impacts others.


Which brings up the inspiration.

Who are these young children are suppose to look up to if not the criminals? What if they have not had any (or any good) parents? What if they were never attending a church, and weren’t religious? They do not know the Lord.

But what if they do know of the Lord? Yet the examples they hear about King David, Moses and Jesus Christ seem supernatural. They could easily dismiss the Bible prophets as being genetically engineered for exceptional performance.  God’s chosen. But for the common Joe? Not doable. It’s just not in the cards for him.

Or is it?


But the Lord said to Samuel, “Don’t look at how handsome Eliab is or how tall he is, because I have not chosen him. God does not see the same way people see. People look at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart.” – 1 Samuel 16:7


The men mentioned in the Bible happened to be a ‘common Joe.’ They all struggled with flaws and weren’t saints- well expect for Christ. But even Christ remained with the common Joe. And even served them!

But surely, no one recent? Any leaders? Any heroes to admire?

*Ever wonder why movies that show Superheroes such as Batman and Spiderman sell-out at the box office? I think people are searching for more than just adventure. They want a hero. They want to be a hero. 


Now if you take the young boy from the ghetto. With no parents. Poor nutrition. Awful education. No faith and is neglected.

What can he hope for?


What always fascinated me about patriotism is having love for your nation is noble.  It requires you to act.  A nation in which the Lord placed you in, therefore you must honor it. You have a duty. You are needed. You are important.

Just like you should honor your parents, love thy neighbor like you love yourself. This is how you prove you love-through your actions.

Having Patriotism always reminded me of heroic behavior. One who is a hero. There are ton of great men who started and led troops for freedom. Fought against Tyranny. Did what seemed impossible. Even going on today!


You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’ -George Bernard Shaw

However, those in power want to destroy the image of the hero. The one who will not submit.

Patriotism is non existent in poor communities. Why is that? Coincidence?

If poor communities bring negative aspects, how can one be patriotic in that environment?

Are there any heroes in the ghetto? Are there any fathers to look up too? Any teachers, coaches and other community builders to admire? Any risk-takers for a better life? Any families or loyal friends?

Being Patriotic, is being a hero. It is having courage. It means to be brave. Then you inspire those around you to do what’s good.

If a young kid is taught this, by actually seeing examples this good behavior, no matter how small- he will do it and more.

The truth is, we all have potential to be great.


Patriotism is moral. Immorality creates chaos.

The best way to serve your country, your people around you- is to start by actually loving in your heart then act it out. If you keep it locked up in your heart- then you are not loving.

You are simply just making a wish.



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  1. Yes. I agree. Patriotism is under attack. The only people (leaders) who make history are 1. Those who lead to destroy a country. 2. Those who fought back to defend it.

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