Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

When alone.

After you shut off your television. The articles and google alerts are enough- so you turn off your computer and phone.

You spoke with several people already about the tragedies that seem to be occurring every day in this country.

Everything has already sank in at this point. You had enough of this noise and the time has come for a break.

You are now alone.

There is a mirror hanging on your wall.

You walk over to it. Now you need to ask yourself:

What have I done?

Did you wait to cast judgement? Did you tell those around you: “Hey- everybody. Just calm down. We cannot rush to judgement. Let us wait until the facts are in. We have a process here.”

And if you did say this, did the mob of people attack you? Try to shut you up? But you didn’t stay silent- you push back against this mob- who is looking for a scapegoat. Who is looking to silence anyone who brings in logic, reason and evidence. A person trying to offer reasonable solutions without jumping to conclusions. Defending those who are absent. Who everyone is attacking and even celebrating the injustice retaliation done to innocent persons.

Surely that is what a moral human being always does.

Or did you surrender? Did you join the popular narrative, no matter how many times it has been proven to be false? Did you pump up the ‘likes’ on your Facebook post because you contributed to this situation by agreeing with everyone? Causing more escalation of hate and division. Is your virtue glowing because you believed everything the media, entertainment industry, clueless peers and elites told you to believe?

When you support the riots, violence and destruction of your communities- the police get paralyzed and the crime goes UP, especially in Black American neighborhoods.

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.

Thou Shalt Not Rush To Judgement and LIE against his neighbor.

This is a foundation of being a civilized person. And what is good for the person is good for the home. Town. State. Country. World.

The reason why Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness should be taken seriously is because it creates a chain reaction that could often lead to body bags. These escalations tend to lead to gun shots.

Not protecting the assumption of the innocence which is precious- is done when we bare false witness. We then, are participating in one of the greatest violation of the commandments the Lord gave Man:

Thou Shall Not Kill. 


When alone.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Be honest and ask yourself: What have I done?