What I learned at the zoo with my family

The day is great for my husband and I to take our children to the zoo.

We do not live near a zoo. However, being out of town for the weekend and having a zoo only 4 miles away, from our hotel- we had to squeeze the event into our schedule to see the furry creatures.


My kids immediately took liking to their little adventure. The slimy otters to the sleepy tigers. The tall, slow walking camels and their peacock pals.  My daughter even excitedly shouted: “Hey! That is a baby elephant!” When in fact, it was an anteater…  But what I believe to be their favorite animal at the zoo, is the monkey.


Maybe it was that strange staring contest they had- and my son won with great eye contact passion.



My daughter visiting a Ninja Turtle.


As my children laughed, joked and created memories at the zoo- I couldn’t help notice a sign at the penguin station. My children had already been reading the animals description chart by their showcase, but this info chart wasn’t quite addressing the history of penguins. Rather, it is telling about humans.

About the damages of Human Impacts on Penguins. Before I read on, I immediately grew disgusted. This is the beginning of a guilt trip of my existence.

I began to read the horror at a family friendly zoo.

 Because of Human Impact on earth, Global Warming is a result of bad behavior. The pollution humans create harm animals and plant life. The oil companies and not recycling is very damaging to a penguins home. If you want these endanger species to live on, try reducing yourself...oh. Excuse me. Type-o. Try reducing the use of energy you use.  


This is just a summary, but what an outrage!

First, can a family visit a zoo without the guilt trip tagging along of a religion called Climate Change? That sneaks in any chance it gets to promote this lie.

Fine. You BELIEVE it is the truth, a proven fact. Not a religion. Yet there are still debates and people like myself are called deniers. Nice touch of religious tones in your science.

Secondly, this is total hypocritical of the zoo to begin with. Why? Because it is a BUSINESS. That’s right.

They are in the Business of keeping and caring the animals. Who exactly is doing this horror/honor? HUMANS.

Would it be in the best interest for the animals to be set “free?” No, because people who use Climate Change as a political tool, also use the animals. They don’t really care about the animal or planet.

They care more about smashing the free market system, liberty and free thinking. Basically, anything to destroy the Western Civilization.

Bottom line: People who run businesses need to cater to their customers and STOP being politically correct. In this situation, it is ruining the experience. The fear of big government. The tax breaks if you submit and obey to the governments demand of Climate Change/ Global Warming agenda. This is ridiculous!

What happen to the demand of your service from your loyal customers?  Supply and demand? The morals of good customer service? The truth?

The free market system.

Yes, in this trip I learned that once again, the  government over-reached.

They got the penguins too.