The 3 lies constantly told about the Republican Party

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.



Growing up, if there were anything that was taught to me. The one thing that is clear. That all the people in my upbringing, despite how different they might have been…they were united  on this one principle. Whether it was my mother, siblings, church, school, work place, media and my music. They ALL agreed: Republicans are evil.

I haven’t even met a single Republican. (Aside from my own father, who died when I was young. Although he didn’t like titles- other than dad.  His values had planted the seed of curiosity in my mind and continues to grow.) Therefore, I couldn’t even hear from the evil dark side.

If I had to just eliminate the other groups, and just focus on the narrative that my teachers and college professors had given me, on why the Republicans are so evil, they would offer the most ‘intellectual reason’ why. But the term evil is way to vague, so you must be specific.

What makes the Republicans so evil? These are the three labels that were (and continue to be said) constantly told to me, a young girl from Harlem- who has grew up under socialism and seen, experience socialism at first hand! (I didn’t want to hear the brilliance of socialism anymore. Let’s hear about the dark side.)

What I wanted to understand from my intellectual professors is: What makes the Republicans so evil?

Well. Here is what was told* to me and continue to be told to the youth, poor and low-informed people:

*Quick note: The people who run academia, the Main Stream Media, Music Industry, Hollywood, government are the suppose ‘experts’ and all….leftist. A bit conflict of interest, shall we say? 

  • Greedy

Republicans are greedy because we are in favor of low taxes and a smaller government. We believe you should surrender as little money and rights over to the government. (Who wants to take as much of it as possible.) We believe that YOU know how to spend YOUR money best. We believe that YOU deserve all the rewards from your labor. The sweat of your brow, enjoy your fruits of your labor.


We are against: You work, I eat.

We are for: You work, You eat.


Republicans say— “Keep your money.” And people are told we are greedy.

Democrats say— “We take your money.” And people are told that this is generous.


  • Fascist

Another label thrown at the Republican party is that us Republicans are Fascist.

This might explain why Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians are banned from speaking at many colleges because we couldn’t have all this hate speech going around in the name of…Freedom of Speech? Even using violence and force to silence the Fascist Right Wingers if necessary.

Thing is, Fascist believe in violence to achieve their political goal. They also oppose the free market and capitalism that evil Republicans fight for. Fascist believe in a government state economy and the ONLY private companies that are allowed to exist are the ones who are controlled by/depended on the government.   (Ex. General Motors.) So, who exactly is the Fascist now?


Let me suggest who is the Fascist with this brief History lesson.

The word Fascist comes from the Latin word Fasces. The meaning is “A bundle of sticks.”

It was used as a metaphor by a Italian socialist dictator, Mussolini of what he wanted for the Italians.


Each stick (which could be broken individuality) should be tied into a huge bundle together, making it impossible to break.

This is why I find it strange when I hear Socialism supporters call Trump a NAZI.

The word NAZI is an acronym for:

Nationalsozialistlsche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei

Translated into English, it means:

National Socialist German Workers Party

You can’t spell NAZI without the Socialist. Again- who is an outspoken Socialist?


Republicans say— “I believe in the individual. People shouldn’t be treated as objects, but as more valuable than gold. (More spiritual. More faith. More risk taker.)  Labels and grouping only divide. We are stronger if we are United Americans. We believe in Free Speech, even if disagreed. We also believe in the free market economy.”

Democrats say–“I believe in grouping. In separation. In segregation. People should be treated as objects, as material things has an expiration date. (Materialistic. Soulless. In the present. Not a risk taker.) Labels with groups such as Black Lives Matter are recognizing, empowerment and good. We believe in censoring speech in order to prevent hate speech. We believe in social justice overriding freedom.”


  • Racist

Last, but not least. Racist.

Of course you heard this one, and even more than ever now. All Republicans are racist because we are against government funded programs such as Affirmative Action.  Well, you are half right.

Republicans are against Affirmative Action because we believe that a young (Black) American can use his brain and get into college with the same standards and test scores as anyone else. We believe that he can do just as well or poorly as any other kid trying to get into college.


But surely, Republicans couldn’t possibility believe in Freedom for the Black American….could he?

The Republican Party was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery John Freemount. He was known as the Pathfinder. Democrats went into full fear mongering on him. He told the people that if this “Pathfinder” is elected, that it will be the END of slavery.

You see, the Democrats knew that an uprising of the Republican Party meant freedom for ALL man–and they were scared. They were right about being scared because the end of slavery was on it’s way. It will be bloody.

1860 Lincoln (A racist Republican) won the election. Even before Lincoln was elected, 7 states left the union to join the Confederacy. War is coming.

After the Civil War ended, America’s bloodiest war, Lincoln was assassinated by Democrat activist Booth.

Then these Amendments were passed from the Racist Republicans:

13th- Abolition of slavery

14th- Right to due process, equal protection

15th- Right to vote not denied due to color

Not a single Democrat supported ANY of these Amendments. In fact, they fought hard to keep them out. The Democrats went to work by creating a bill called: Black Code. Today it is known as Gun Control, restricting Black Americans the right of ownership of weapons. (Because only a free man owns his weapons.)

And let’s not forget about the groups Democrats love.

After the first two Black Americans were elected to Congress as Republicans: Hiram Rhodes Revels U.S. Senator and Joseph Hayne Rainy U.S. Representative South Carolina- Speaker of the House.


The Democrats immediately responded with the creation of the KKK gang, authors of the Jim Crowe laws and segregation.

You know. Because it is only part of the Black American culture. This separation is good and should be celebrated. At least that is the message given to me at college and from society.

The great Fredrick Douglass (Republican) had said:

I recognize the Republican Party as the sheet anchor of the colored man’s political hopes and the ark of his safety. 

4151-frederick-douglass-speech-quotes 14392-frederick-douglass-quotes


Republicans say— “You should not be judged by the color of your skin, but by the context of your character.” -MLK “We believe in opportunity and the Constitution was written for all Americans. Regardless of your color, religion and your class.”

Democrats say— “You should be judged by your skin. A material form. You should be judged on how much you make- royal or peasant. You should be judge on your gender- not resume or work ethics. You shouldn’t have the freedoms of a White Man because you are likely to fail since the system is against you. A system we, Democrats, proudly created. This isn’t discrimination, but compassion. Let’s us take care of you.”

We have a word for people who are adults and physically able to work on their own, but don’t. These people are provided with ‘healthcare, education, food and shelter.’ These people are inmates. Or a better word, slaves.

The ‘parties switched platforms’ myth. Deserves an entire article for itself. But in short: The Democrats only changed their marketing strategies without actually changing their goals.







They are still the party of equality… of equally being poor. Of eliminating competition to the point of death. They are still the party of oppressing the people.   They are still the party of slavery.

The Republican party was and will always be, the party of freedom. And we will set the slaves free again.


Ad from the Republicans who today says Black Lives Matter, Affirmative Action, Planned Parenthood must go too. Planned Parenthood was also designed to get rid of the Blacks, whom by the way, are their #1 customer.



Why are these words/ labels important lately?
In this case, they are flat out lies. In the case of Obama not using proper terms to identify the enemy, is weakness and surrender.
But interestingly enough, I once heard a saying: If you control the language of the people, you control their thoughts. Control their thoughts, you control them.

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