Men who are physically stronger are more likely to be right wing


Training with my husband. Who is both physically strong and right wing.

Man leaves his cave.

Man hunts.

Man kills his food.

Man drags his food back to the cave.

Man doesn’t depend on no one, especially a government, to do this.


Mike Tyson who just endorsed Trump

50 Cent. Bradly Martin. Steve Cook. CT Fletcher.  Shon Singh.

These men along with many other physically stronger ones are for liberty, responsibility and vote conservative.

Obama. Eric Holder. Justin Trudeau. George Clooney. Ed Milliband. The male living with his mommy at 30 years old. They are weak physically and favor a welfare state with high governmental security. I wonder why….

Men who are physically stronger are more likely to take the right wing politics, while weaker men encourage the welfare state according to new research.

The study conducted discovered a link between a man’s upper body strength and their view on life.*

*Scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark collected data on bicep size, socio-economic status and support for economic redistribution from hundreds in America, Argentina and Denmark.


The Rock

What the study revealed is that men who are physically strong did not support the left wing’s policy of redistribution of wealth.  But weaker men did support the theft.

Professor Michael Petersen said: ‘In all three countries, physically strong males consistently pursued the self-interested position on redistribution.

‘However physically weak males were more reluctant to assert their self-interest – just as if disputes over national policies were a matter of direct physical confrontation between individuals.

‘While many people think of politics as a modern phenomenon, it has, in a sense, always been with our species.

‘Political views are designed by natural selection to function in the conditions recurrent over human evolutionary history.’

The findings were published in the journal Psychological Science.

Men who are more likely to neglect their body are also abandoning their health and state of mind. Which explains why many on the right call liberalism a mental disease.

 Obama wearing flip-flops

This also reveals today’s presidential candidates and the people they represent to further back the study.
The right wing is supporting Trump for his patriotism, leadership, business skills, loud mouth and other daring masculinity traits that are under attack from this current progressive administration.
The left wing is supporting a woman who is under a criminal investigation for lying and putting America’s national security at stake. Their other option is a self-confess socialist male–whose first wife left him because he never worked. Never Provided.
In fact, his first job was at the age of 40. No independent-responsible man will ever stand behind the socialist to be their mouth piece. That is because laziness and cowardliness in not in the character of a strong man.

What I have noticed is, if you are a male and really hate Trump… You  really don’t hate Trump. What you really hate is your lack of being a man. You are threaten by him. He is testing your manhood. Just by simply stating: This nation needs borders. It is a national security issue, not a race issue. This nation needs jobs. Free Market Capitalism, not higher taxes and punishing the innovation.
This means you MUST become a man!
And some just don’t want to because the life of a man is a hard one. So they retreat back into childhood and never grow up. Or they become a thug to grab a taste of masculinity they lack. Another solution for the failing male is that they insult women by “becoming a woman.”
Get out of the dirt. It’s time to hit the bench and press. Watch how your body responds along with your mind at work. You want to be strong and break those chains of slavery.
Vote Trump and get biceps.