Why is the secular left wing so attracted to Global Warming?

Yes, I know.

It is no longer called “Global Warming.” It is now Climate Change!

Ah, yes.

I should not insult Climate Change, and I better keep myself updated if I want to be part of this modern world.


But there is nothing modern with this concept of Climate Change. It was used for many decades, proven scientifically wrong. Global Warming was even used as a reason why Russia’s Stalin had to kill millions of people. It was Global Warming, not government intervention, who didn’t allow the growth of the crops. Forcing farmers and then merchants not to provide for the people. Causing massive waves of starvation, illnesses and deaths. That was just the beginning of the crimes by Global Warming.

Oh, no. Not again. I misused the word. It’s now called:

Climate Change.

But why change the name? Because it is an idea that is impossible to prove, that is why!

If the idea of Climate Change has many flaws, deaths and costs billions of tax payers money to keep the program, research and advertisements running–why is the secular left wing so attracted to it? It isn’t good for the economy, environment and most importantly, humans.


Supply and demand works, not just in the business world but within nature. If humans do not use the resources provided by the earth- then it will crease to exist.

*Did you know that there were less trees in North America when the Native Americans were around versus today?     

Also what is flabbergasting, but worthy to note– the folks who preach about Climate Change ends up using the Most resources and materials! During a recent protest for recycling and anti- littering, the people who were involved in such a ridiculous march…. ended up littering and trashing the streets. That sure showed others, especially this poor planet- that the environmentalist really do care.

But never mind the facts, it’s rubbish! (No pun intended.)

Some might say, “Well. This describes the Left Wing. Hypocritical. Do as I say, not as I do. Among their leaders, they fly private jets, own yachts and purchase a hot dog in Switzerland for $50.00- however their followers must live at what these elite Socialist preach.  And let’s face it, if it’s truly not good for nations, people and secretly- not good for the earth, then Socialist will support it!”

But how on earth do the Left Wing get away with this? Seriously, their solution on how to handle this conflict of Climate Change is for depopulation and a massive reduction on people left, using resources. (Not them. They live and use up all the energy of course. This only applies to the masses.) In yet, people- the peasants- support this?


The Left Wing is using seductive language, trickery and manipulation in a perfect time in history to execute Climate Change.

As I mentioned earlier, the Left Wing has no desire in wanting to protect the earth, or life for that matter. Seriously. We are talking about the party that kills unborn children, frees criminals and wants law-abiding citizens to give up their weapons. So save the “care” and “compassion” talk for another time.

However their followers might believe in the objective of Climate Change. They believe it is a noble cause.

Below are the three main reasons why the secular left wing is so attracted to Global Warming and understand why the masses are falling for this.

  • Reason 1

People want to fix problems

Let’s think of a problem together.

The planet is in serious trouble because of humans. Our wars, consuming of resources and way of life (well, basically existing) is a problem. We must all come together- every nation on earth- and halt all activities in order to end this Climate Change. We understand that even if the entire planet is a wasteland, that the earth will continue on doing it’s thing. (Have hurricanes, heat waves and ice ages. You know. Weather.) Perhaps the earth will even turn on us because we stop being…humans! But this is a gamble, and when fighting any noble cause- there is a risk to take.

We love to solve problems. We just don’t want to carry the most fascinating matter in the universe (our brains) in our heads and not use it! We must come with a solution. Therefore you bloody- (I mean filthy) Earth! We accept your challenge. We will clean you!

So men, drop your swords and pick up your recycling bins!

  • Reason 2

The desire of sacrifice

Global Warming or Climate Change- has tones of religion. Every negative aspect that an organized religion brings, Climate Change has as well.

The people who dare speak out or rejects Climate Change are quickly bashed and called ‘deniers.’ They are considered unintelligent, out-dated and hateful.

People who are religiously faithful to fighting Climate Change surprisingly, lack spirituality.  We humans were created as both physical and spiritual beings. Obviously, the Left Wing has their physical/material needs met. But are hungry spiritual.

One of the evidence supporting this claim is the desire of sacrifice humans want to part take. Having children helps this desire, because parents are constantly sacrificing their lives in order of the benefit for their child. However, having children and families are a “no” to the Left Wing. It is not something they encourage.

Another way to fill in this desire is working and giving to charity. Again- two areas that the Left Wing is weak in.

But there is a way Climate Change (falsely) offers to fill in this desire to their secular crew.

For one, if you are a supporter of Climate Change and want to be involved on taking up this fight- you can always contribute your money. Offerings, tithing like the church has. You, however, offer your money by paying More for products and/or services in which are considered ‘green’ or ‘environmentally friendly’.

You travel with grocery bags, instead of using newer ones at the supermarket. You walk, instead of driving. If you drive- you carpool or use a car that is Eco-friendly. You eat less. Travel less. Mediate if needed. You do not support business who doesn’t submit to this cause or works with government. Because government is in this fight, protecting you– A saint tree, free person.

This should help the itch of service.

Of sacrifice.

  • Reason 3

Works well with evolution  

If we live in a world of shortage, only a physical world- then it will expire. All physical forms expires. Dies. The sun will blow soon. And religious people from all backgrounds agree- The End Is Near. This is including atheist, environmentalist and other secular forms of titles.

But unlike Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindu and others- Climate Change has no God. A physical world of no God will end regardless, but us noble developed ape humans can postpone the end.  Responsible animals (humans) must do something about it!

Global Warming is a hoax. A false religion with a cruel goal and is using the masses to get the job done.

When people reject the belief of God- it is not because they don’t believe in anything–it is because they believe in everything. Including Global Warming.


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