Where the money is at: Women and children


This is possibly one of the best business advice I had ever received:

When investing in a company or planning a start-up, go to a country, state or town that puts women and children first. This place is where the money is at. This place holds wealth. This place is flourishing.

This advice is awesome, especially because of it’s truth and it is unspoken.

We all heard the saying: Women and children first. In war, the rules are never to touch innocent people. Especially the women and children. On the Titanic, women and children onto safety boats first*.

*If a Titanic-like event were to happen again in 2016, would our country which is headed to equality and secularism, put the women and children first? What would that say about our culture? Our economy?


And if the culture of the location is respectful to women and children, it is a guarantee the wealth is blossoming.  The male’s role is to protect and provide. If he accepts his role (and not become useless) than the women and children would also carry out their duties, respectfully.

In a healthy culture, women and children are respected and hold value.

In unsuccessful cultures, women are viewed as assets owned by and too only benefit men. Not surprisingly, these same cultures who mistreat women hold no wealth.

Parts of Africa, women are treated poorly. Women only exist to serve the man and work harder than a man. In parts of Asia, women work in factories and in hot fields while the men do very little. Children are seen as a burden and unwanted. It is no coincidence that all these countries and cultures are heavily in poverty and ill-health.

Does the treatment of women and children play into the success of The West? Yes!

In cultures that are based on Biblical reason of marriage, men are encouraged, honored and motivated by the love of their wife.

To see a modern day example of this, check out the young-new tech innovators and entrepreneurs. Overwhelming- these very successful men are accompanied by a successful long term marriage. These men really do care about their wives and children.  Not only is his work needed to provide, but now it becomes noble.

Thinking of where to start your business? Which company to invest in? Just check out the location and business treatment towards women. The money will grow organically, naturally because nature respects when man acts like one.