Quick tips for a successful son

How one defines success, you need to back pedal a bit.

Ask this person the most important question to mankind: How did life start?

Depending on what their answer is (Creation or an accidental event) — you can automatically know this person’s views on money, sex, education, life and what is success.

These quick tips are for those who define success as in: health, wealth, love and sense of purpose.

Perhaps you personally don’t feel the need to be successful in the financial department. That is Okay! However, as for your son- allow him the opportunity.

Men are competitive beast. Therefore, it is only natural when they  feel alive by being productive. Outshining the rest when deserved is also the goal. This behavior should be encouraged and taught by his father or a male mentor who he admires.  When a young boy is deprive to fulfill this inner desire, he eventually becomes useless to society and he suffers in the long run. He will lack adventure, purpose and question his identity. Resulting in a lifetime of pain, depression, diseases and more.

So let’s get to these simple quick tips for a successful son:

  • He must finish his education

Even with his High School Diploma, that will do. During his youth, make sure he is developing a skill. He will master a skill. This process takes about 7-10 years. If he provides great service, he will be paid great.  *That is also your way out of poverty…through service.

  • Get a job

Military or within the private sector. Just get one. Become a taxpayer.

  • Give more than what is required

The IRS is proof that you already do. However, we are talking about your service. Work towards a promotion and widen your connections.  Stand out from the crowd. Caution! Do so without drawing much attention from your peers. Jealously will strike.

  • Get married

Man doesn’t do well alone. However, he needs to choose wisely. This is the most important investment he will make: His wife. Mother of his children. Very briefly, I will tell you the type of women to avoid. Any woman displaying these  four ‘C’s’– a young man needs to steer clear:

  1. Compete
  2. Control
  3. Criticize
  4. Complain

Stay away from women who are overachievers. Women who are proudly independent are not as intelligent or important as they think they are.  Choose a wife who is a good companion, who complements you and who would be a good mother.

  • Stay married

Remember your vows. Please take them seriously. Your role as a husband and father is an honorable one. Not just to your wife, children and future grand-children. But also with money. Banks loan out money to married men. Your respect is gained from those around you….. both from personal and professional areas.