The Left Wing’s love affair with Islam

Ever notice the response from the Left Wing when concerning Islam? Yes we heard it all. (And even witness their passive gestures.)

“Oh- it is their culture!” They shurg their shoulders.

“Well, we have to respect their views. We might not agree with Allah, but America is a free country. We have to be open to all.”

” Who are we to judge? Islam is a religion of peace.”

Whatever bogus reason you may hear from the Left Wing about the Islamic ways, it contradicts what the Left Wing stands for. (By the way, what do they stand for? Everything they say or do cancels out their other ideas. It is perplexing.)

Okay, but we will attempt to name a few:

  • The Left Wing is for women equality. Islam makes it clear that a man is above a woman. Why is that acceptable? Is that not a war on women?
  • The Left Wing is for gay marriage. Islam makes it clear if you are gay, we will kill you.
  • The Left Wing is for separation of church and state.  Islam expresses how Allah must be involved in all practices of the government.
  • The Left Wing is pro-choice. Islam bans abortions.


The list can go on and on. Now some might argue “That behavior is not accepted once they enter in America…..” Hold that thought.

The Arabs bring these values with them to America. They soon get involve into America’s politics- hence paving the way to bring up these policies.  And it is not only allowed by the Left Wing, but encouraged.

However, everything the Left Wing promotes in America doesn’t apply to Islam itself.  Why is that?

Also- why does Liberals give a pass to Islam- but not Judaism and Christianity? Do those religions not have “culture?” Does America not have “culture?” I watched Liberal politicians such as Mayor de Blasio, President Obama and The Clintons have a gentle approach on Islam. But get aggressive with the Right Wing, attacks Jews and Christians. Why is that? If they are against Conservative views, shouldn’t they dismiss the Islamic religion as well? If anything, Muslim extremist is responsible for terror and invading countries worldwide. Not Jews. Not Christians. The actions of these extremist are cruel, never mind the “injustice” of the Right Wing.

Right Wing has nothing on Muslim extremist. The only common root of Islam and the Conservatives on the West- is their loyalty to God and country. Now how it is expressed, is what separates the two. Which brings me back to my original question: Why is it okay for Islam, and not Christianity? Why is the Left Wing smitten with the Muslims?

You see, when you understand the Left Wing’s mindset- it begins to make sense. Everything comes together. And the real reason behind it is sickening.

Some might suggest, “Well the answer is simple. The enemy of my enemy is a friend.”


“The Left Wing is using the Arabs as pawns. To get the dirty work done. Once it is accomplished, they will turn on each other. History teaches us this.”

While both points may be right on target, the love affair is not quite explained. The dysfunctional love that the Left Wing has for Islam goes much deeper, and could even be sub-conscious to them.

The true reason: It has to do with sex.

Liberals, Democrats, Socialist, Communist — whatever they march under as. They hate anything homemade.

They rebel against authority. Whether it may be their parents, local police, work ethics or country- America. They just despise anything that is close to the heart. Including the West’s history and Christianity. With this rebel, they feel as if they are “liberated” from the oppression of traditional values, hard work, structure and investing on the individual.

They reject anything truly American.

To compensate for this lack of structure and culture, they seek foreign.  The Left Wing has a heavy attraction to other countries, cultures and civilizations. Islam is one of these foreign ways of life that appeals to them.

Now the sex part plays in. (When is not about sex when concerning a Democrat? I mean really Bill Clinton.)

Everyone can agree that the Left Wing has a feminine aroma to it. With that being said- Islam is a very masculine religion.

And like everything that is feminine, it is attracted to masculine. In fact the Left is hungry for masculine. They feel sexually driven to Islam. It is both foreign and aggressive. A two in one deal for the Left Wing.

Apparently, the Right Wing is too soft and righteous for the rebel Left Wing.